Presenting the Bigger, Better BuzzBar

When we launched the BuzzBar 3 weeks ago, our customers loved it. 

But our customers wanted more.  They wanted to use the BuzzBar on any list of sites.  They wanted to tag sites.  They wanted to view their history with a site, and assign it a rating and relationship stage. And if they found something cool, they wanted to write a note.

Presenting the Bigger, Better BuzzBar

The BuzzStream team listened to customer feedback, went back to the lab, and made the BuzzBar better.  Today, we’re proud to show you the next evolution of the BuzzBar:

bigger better buzzbar

Now, you can:

Use the BuzzBar on Any Site

how to use the buzzbar

You can use the BuzzBar with more than just prospecting results – now any site can be browsed using the BuzzBar.  Want to sort through your competitor’s backlinks and rapidly qualify the good opportunities?  How about look through Twitter influencer’s websites you’ve sourced from Followerwonk? We’ve got you covered with the new BuzzBar.

Simply highlight contacts on the Websites or People screen, and the ‘View in BuzzBar’ button appears next to the ‘Outreach’ dropdown.  Click that button, and the site will open in the BuzzBar in a new tab.

Change Relationship Stage and Priority from the BuzzBar

Found a great site?  Now you can make it as a high priority and change the Relationship Stage.  You can also mark sites that aren’t a good fit for your campaign as ‘Not Qualified’.  

relationship stage

Add Tags, Notes and Custom Fields from the BuzzBar

You can add tags and notes from the BuzzBar. You can also select or enter custom fields.

Want to categorize a site you’ve found with the BuzzBar?  Add a tag:

add tags

Found a high-influence blogger that’s a fan of your favorite sports team? You might want to make a note of that:

adding note

Found new information that fits into a custom field? Fill in a custom field from the BuzzBar:

custom fields

View Your History with the Influencer from the BuzzBar

Have history with a contact you’ve just found?  Does someone else on your team?  Now you can find it while you’re qualifying sites with the BuzzBar:


Approve Discovered Contact Information

BuzzStream looks for contact information – but sometimes it finds contact information for guest authors or cited influencers, as well as the site owner.  Now you can approve discovered contact information from the BuzzBar:

 approve contact info

View Links in the BuzzBar

If you’ve already added a link from that site to BuzzStream, you can see it in the BuzzBar:

 monitoring links

The Future of the BuzzBar

We’re continuing to improve the BuzzBar and look forward to making it an incredibly valuable part of BuzzStream.  Our roadmap includes adding links and pages to BuzzStream directly from the BuzzBar, as well as the ability to do outreach while you’re looking at the site.

Please let us know what you think – drop us an email at, leave a comment, or tweet us @BuzzStream.  We read every single message, and we’d love to hear from you as we continue to make BuzzStream more powerful and easier to use.