Qualify & Research Opportunities Even Faster: Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts for the BuzzBar

We know that content promotion is time consuming. Sorting through sites, researching new opportunities, and reaching out to busy people all take up valuable hours.

So we made it easier with our newest feature:

Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts in the BuzzBar

The BuzzBar now has keyboard shortcuts to make qualifying, research, and working with link/promotion prospects faster and easier.  (You may have seen the beta version, quietly hiding in the upper right corner of the BuzzBar.)

Now you can zoom through lists of prospects, approving, disapproving, adding notes, viewing metrics, and even doing otureach – all without ever your mouse.

You can see all of the new keyboard shortcuts here:



Prospect Faster

With the BuzzBar, you can sort through sites in your prospect list faster. You can use the new keyboard shortcuts to mark sites as qualified, disqualified, or blacklisted.  To do this, just hit Alt + ↑ to make a site approved, and then hit Alt + → to go to the next contact in the list.  You can also mark contacts disapproved with Alt + ↓, or blacklist them with Alt + Delete.   (As always, the Approve/Reject/Blacklist Prospect options are available in the prospecting module.)

Qualify Faster

You can also use the BuzzBar keyboard shortcuts to cut down your research time.  You can see metrics in the BuzzBar by hitting Alt + M and view pages on the site you’ve added to BuzzStream by hitting Alt + L.  You can also edit the About field (for when you research a site) with Alt + A, and add people and contact information with Alt + P and Alt + C.

Connect Faster

You can use the new keyboard shortcuts to do better outreach from the BuzzBar.  You can open the open the outreach module with Alt + O, and add notes about new activities like calls or in-person meetings with Alt + N.

Now you can be more effective with BuzzStream.  And whether you’re sorting through junk sites looking for the good ones, researching prospects and understanding what they’re looking for, or reaching out to them, you can do it faster.

Please let us know what you think – drop us an email at support@buzzstream.com, or tweet us @BuzzStream.  We read every single message, and we’d love to hear from you as we continue to make BuzzStream more powerful and easier to use.