BuzzStream Release for 2/23

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at BuzzStream.  We’ve had two releases go out with a bunch of new features as well as a number of usability enhancements and bug fixes.  We’re most excited about two things we’ve added: 1) revisions to the dashboard, and 2) the introduction of task management.

Here’s a full list of what we released:

Task Management

Our goal at BuzzStream is to provide tools that help you build and manage your online relationships more effectively, without forcing to change your workflow. To help with this, we’ve added task management.  Now, as your working on a contact record in BuzzStream, you can add a To Do for that person, media outlet or link partner.  The Dashboard provides you with a single view of all of the activities that you and your team are working on.

Task lists on the Dashboard:

Task list - BuzzStream dashboard

This is our first iteration of Tasks and we’ll be extending the capabilities over the next two releases.  Some of the things we’ll be adding very soon:

  • the ability to add a task while Buzzmarking a contact
  • BuzzStream will send you e-mail notifications of your daily agenda as well as notifications when tasks are assigned to you by someone else
  • the ability to add follow-up tasks when you’re adding notes, editing links, etc (for example, after adding the note “Talked to John about the product review,” you can create a follow-up task titled “Send screenshots” that’s associated with the note)
  • Task filtering on the Dashboard – this will enable you to see tasks associated with a specific project, tasks that are due at a certain time, and tasks that are assigned to someone on your team

Improved Dashboard

We’ve completely overhauled the Dashboard to make it a more useful starting point when you enter BuzzStream.  The changes we made include:

BuzzStream's revised dashboard

  • Layout We’ve completely changed the layout to improve usability.  The changes will also give us the framework we need to plug in our upcoming reporting capabilities
  • Recent contacts – Added a list of the ten contact records you accessed most recently so that you can jump right back into your previous work when you sign into BuzzStream
  • Task list – Added the Task List to help you keep track of your team’s activities
  • Activity history formatting – We changed the format of items in the Activity History to improve usability
  • Ability to see all activity history – Added pagination to the Activity History so that you can view your complete history (previously you could only see the 50 most recent activities)

For those of you who are familiar with the old Dashboard, you’ll also notice that we took out the “New Links” chart.  We’ll be replacing this with a set of new charts when we add reporting.

Usability Improvements and Bug Fixes

In addition to these new features, we also made a number of usability improvements and fixed some remaining bugs.  Here’s the list:

  • Resolved a bug in our social media monitoring tool that was showing duplicate results  for video content
  • To create lists, you can now filter by date ranges (rather than just filtering by “before” or “after”).
  • The Projects dropdown and the “Assigned To” dropdown are now sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed a bug that was causing e-mails for monitoring results to be sent out multiple times per day
  • Fixed a bug in Monitoring that was causing “Filter by PageRank” to miss some items that met the filter criteria
  • Changed our credit card authorization when someone signs up to only authorize a $0.01 purchase (so that funds for debit card users wouldn’t be held)
  • Fixed an IE 7 bug that was preventing the auto-suggest dropdown menus in the Buzzmarker from working
  • Cleaned up the font in the Projects dropdown to make it consistent with the rest of the application

Changes to BuzzStream for Link Management

  • Added a field called “Date Link Found by BuzzStream” that’s populated when the backlink checker finds a link on the page.  We’ve also added this to the filters, so you can identify all of the links you’ve added in a certain date range.
  • Fixed a scroll bar issue in Internet Explorer on the Link Partners list page
  • When looking at a Link Partner contact, you can now hover over a link to see the full link

Changes to BuzzStream for PR and Social Media

  • For the “Media Outlet Type” field, we expanded “traditional media” to make it more granular (e.g., newspaper, radio, trade publication, magazine, etc.).  You can also filter on these types when building outreach lists.  These new types have also been added to the Import Template.
  • Modified “Add a Person” to allow you to add the job title without having to scroll down the page
  • From a person’s contact record, you can now edit or delete associated media outlets (without going to the Media Outlet page)
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to edit a person’s job title with a media outlet

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  • Simon

    Great work on the latest batch of revisions. Absolutely loving the task allocation and live buzzmarker.

    Will forward over some more feedback tomorrow afternoon.


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