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Promoting Interactive Content: Getting Ahead of the Content Marketing Pack

In 2013, the most popular pieces of content on both BuzzFeed and the New York Times had something in common.

Was it that they were well-research pieces by respected journalists? No. In fact, the NYT piece was created by an intern. Did they break news? Nope, no new news was made. Were they beautiful, Snowfall-like visual constructions? Nope. They were designed from templates.

They were quizzes.  The writing is on the wall: interactive content is the future of content marketing.





How to Measure Content Marketing & PR Impact with Search Volume Tools

Everyone can measure the impact of off-site content placements using referral traffic. It’s easy – you just go into Google Analytics and type in the domain of the site.

Moving Beyond Referral Traffic

But referral traffic makes up only a fraction of the total value and benefit your company or client’s site will get from your work.

In addition to the referral traffic that comes from the link, there is both direct traffic and branded search traffic created by media placements.

Direct traffic can be type-in traffic (where users type your domain into their browser), traffic from email and IM sharing, or traffic from links in documents like PDFs and PowerPoints. Either way, it’s an indication that you’re getting the word out about your client’s site.


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