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BuzzBar Improvements: Add Person, Edit Contact Information, and More

We’ve made major improvements to the BuzzBar.  Now you can do even more of your work in BuzzStream’s toolbar, without ever leaving a prospect’s site.

Now you can:

Edit Contact Information

Need to edit a piece of contact info? Find another email for a contact? Now you can edit (instead of just approve) contact information from the BuzzBar.

Here’s How:

Press the Edit icon next to the ‘Contact Information’ field:

image 1

Next, select which piece of contact information you’d like to add:

image 2

Then add the contact information and press Save Changes:

image 3

Add Background Information

When you’re researching sites for the first time, it makes sense to add information about the site and what they cover to their BuzzStream profile. 



Outreach Now Available in the BuzzBar

The BuzzBar keeps getting better.  This week, we added Outreach capabilities to the BuzzBar. Now you can connect with bloggers and influencers, without ever leaving their site.

Outreach in Action

Enough of my carrying on – go open your BuzzStream account and see how much more effective the BuzzBar can make you. (If by some tragic oversight you do not yet have a BuzzStream account, you can sign up for one here.)

Start by selecting some contacts, and opening them in the BuzzBar.  Find a site you’d like to reach out to – maybe for a guest post, a product review, or perhaps to say thank you for a media mention – and then select ‘Outreach’ from the top of the BuzzBar:

outreach in buzzbar 1

Now the Outreach Module will appear  at the bottom of the screen.  You’ll still be able to see the site – so you can match the tone and voice of blog in your pitch, and reference recent posts or contribution guidelines.

outreach in buzzbar image 2

Click inside the text editor, and email away!  The text editor will expand – and now you can use all of your templates, email addresses, and other information from your BuzzStream account.  You can also schedule emails and send them in the future – so if that blogger is in a different time zone, you can reach them while they’re in front of their computer.

outreach 3

Please let us know what you think – drop us an email at, leave a comment, or tweet us @BuzzStream.  Because of technical decisions made in the BuzzBar’s development, we can improve it rapidly. We read every single message, and we’d love to hear from you as we continue to make BuzzStream more powerful and easier to use.



Presenting the Bigger, Better BuzzBar

When we launched the BuzzBar 3 weeks ago, our customers loved it. 

But our customers wanted more.  They wanted to use the BuzzBar on any list of sites.  They wanted to tag sites.  They wanted to view their history with a site, and assign it a rating and relationship stage. And if they found something cool, they wanted to write a note.

Presenting the Bigger, Better BuzzBar

The BuzzStream team listened to customer feedback, went back to the lab, and made the BuzzBar better.  Today, we’re proud to show you the next evolution of the BuzzBar:

bigger better buzzbar

Now, you can:

Use the BuzzBar on Any Site

how to use the buzzbar

You can use the BuzzBar with more than just prospecting results – now any site can be browsed using the BuzzBar.  Want to sort through your competitor’s backlinks and rapidly qualify the good opportunities?  How about look through Twitter influencer’s websites you’ve sourced from Followerwonk? We’ve got you covered with the new BuzzBar.



Introducing the BuzzBar: Qualify Link Prospects at Warp Speed

Qualifying link prospects is arduous. Looking through thousands of pages, finding the right opportunities is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

At BuzzStream, we want to streamline link building and take care of the repetitive parts, so you can focus on marketing and building relationships, not building spreadsheets and working on mind-numbing details.

Today we’re introducing the BuzzBar – the new tool that makes link qualification fast, easy, and maybe even fun.

buzzbar welcome screen



A Simpler, More Powerful BuzzStream Import

At BuzzStream, we aspire to make a powerful, elegant tool that takes care of reporting, organization, and metrics for you, so you can focus on the important, difficult parts of outreach: real marketing and relationship building.

This month, we’ve improved our import module so getting contacts into BuzzStream is simple and easy – so you can focus on building links and buzz, not building spreadsheets.

Copy and Paste Import

Now, you can copy and paste lists of sites or pages directly into BuzzStream, letting BuzzStream research contact information, gather metrics, and discover recent content for you.

If you have a list of sites, or can find one, you can paste it into BuzzStream – without creating spreadsheets and matching fields.



Bringing Together BuzzStream and Authority Labs: Best of Breed Rank Tracking, CRM, and Link Monitoring

Given Google’s recent efforts restricting SERP data gathering by vendors who rely on the Adwords API, a number of people have asked us if we plan on adding rank tracking to BuzzStream.

The answer, in no uncertain terms, is no. We’ll continue to focus on what we do best – providing tools that enable you to build relationships and conduct link outreach at scale.

That said, we believe that rank tracking will continue to be important to SEO practitioners.  While rankings are only one metric, they’re an important one to track.  Clients expect to see rankings improvements.  And now that (not provided) has obfuscated keyword referrer data, rankings provide evidence that SEO successes are driving traffic to landing pages. 

With this in mind, we’re taking steps to provide the best of all three – rank tracking, CRM, and link management – to our customers.

We’re excited to announce we’re working with Authority Labs to provide their best-of-breed  rank tracking alongside BuzzStream’s own best-of-breed link CRM and management capabilities.




New Features: Add Person from RSS Feed & Date Custom Fields

We’ve added new features this week: adding people from RSS feeds, and date custom fields.

New Features: Add Person from RSS Feed; Date Custom Fields

At BuzzStream, our goal is to make your influencer outreach as effective as possible.  That means spending your time building relationships, creating the perfect pitch, and engaging with influencers – not filling out spreadsheets or gathering metrics.

While we want coverage on media outlets and links from websites, we need to connect with people.  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and whatever else can’t direct readers to check out your product or content.  People can. And you should build your little black book of people first, and websites second. 

Now it’s much easier to create a profile of a person associated with a website, and add them your BuzzStream account. When that person starts writing for a new website, or changes jobs and lands at an even bigger and better media outlet, they’re already in your database, with a record of your relationship history.

To add a person from a media outlet or website, go to the ‘RSS’ tab of a Link Partner or Media Outlet, expand an interesting story or post, and click “add author as contact” :



New BuzzStream Features: Email & Tweet Directly from the Contact Record

In this latest feature release, we’ve made it even easier to do outreach from BuzzStream. You can now respond to individual emails and tweets from within your BuzzStream account.

Previously, you could send emails from BuzzStream, but you couldn’t respond to them without going back to your email account.  You could also see Tweets, but you couldn’t interact with influencers and publishers through Twitter from BuzzStream.  

Because it’s hard to build relationships when all you can do is send emails, you can now reply to emails and tweet from BuzzStream.

Email Reply from the Contact Record

This feature is especially useful for agencies or consultants who do outreach on behalf of many different clients with different email addresses.  Now, instead of signing into 10 different email accounts over the course of your day, you can reply directly from BuzzStream.

You can reply to emails directly from the contact record within BuzzStream:

Create a New Reply Email from the Reply Button or the Reply Field.

Simply click ‘Reply’ or in the Reply field and start typing, and BuzzStream will open up a WYSIWYG HTML email editor:

Reply to Emails from BuzzStream’s WYSIWYG HTML Email Editor

Tweet from the Contact Record

Now, if an influencer tweets about your brand or shares a piece of your content, you can engage with them directly from BuzzStream.

You can also tweet or retweet your contacts directly from the contact record using the ‘reply|retweet’ button below Tweets in the contact history:

Reply to a Tweet from the Contact Record

 Please let us know what you think – drop us an email at, or tweet us @BuzzStream.  We read every single message we get, and we’d love to hear from you as we continue to improve BuzzStream. 


Making BuzzStream More Efficient: New Usability Improvements

At BuzzStream, we aspire to make your content promotion as efficient as possible, so you can create relationships, not spreadsheets.

We’re investing heavily in improving the speed and usability of BuzzStream.  This week, we released improvements to features throughout the app, making it faster and easier to use.  

We’ve added:

Discovered Contact Information in the Contact Record

When you add contacts to your BuzzStream account, BuzzStream automatically looks for contact information like email addresses and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.  

Now, discovered contact information is available directly in the contact record, next to your history with the contact and their recent content.

image 1 v 1 resized

Now Discovered Contact Information is Available from the Contact Record.

Additionally, you can now easily approve or remove multiple pieces of contact information:

Now You Can Approve Multiple Discovered Contacts with One Click



New: Major Improvements to BuzzStream’s Outreach Capabilities

Of all the features we’ve added to BuzzStream, none have been adopted by our customers as fast as the Outreach module. To make it even more valuable, we’ve added a number of major improvements to it over the past few weeks. 

Send It Later

If you’re sending emails late at night (burning the midnight SEOil), often your emails will reach people’s inboxes after they’re asleep, and they won’t get read.  The same thing happens if you’re conducting outreach from another time zone – either way, your timing is bad and your email is deleted.

 send later in buzzstream


Enter Send It Later. Send It Later allows you to schedule your outreach emails.