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Lesson 1: How to Build a Database of Bloggers in Your Niche… In Less Than 5 Minutes
How to Use BuzzStream to Put Together a Database of Bloggers in Your Vertical - Complete with Metrics and Contact Information.
Lesson 2: Add Contacts, Build Relationships, and Work Efficiently with the BuzzMarker
Use BuzzStream's Chrome Extension - the BuzzMarker - as you browse the web to view contact details and find new opportunities.
Lesson 3: Promoting Your Products, Services, & Content with BuzzStream
Need to promote your products, services, or content? Learn to use BuzzStream to reach out to lots of influencers - without losing that personalized touch.
Lesson 4: Finding New Opportunities with BuzzStream
Learn how to use BuzzStream to prospect and source opportunities for guest posts, product reviews, infographic placements, and more.
Partner Lesson: How to Use Moz Analytics with BuzzStream
Learn how to use Moz analytics tools like Followerwonk, Open Site Explorer, and Fresh Web Explorer with your BuzzStream account.
Partner Lesson: How to Use AHrefs with BuzzStream
Learn how to use BuzzStream's link building CRM capabilities with powerful backlink analysis tool AHrefs.
Partner Lesson: How to Use BuzzSumo with BuzzStream
BuzzSumo is a great tool for finding popular content and influencers on the web. Here's how to use it with BuzzStream to find great promotion opportunities.
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