Free Tool: Build Outreach Lists from Blogrolls

We just made another free tool available on our link building tools page to help you build outreach lists.  Pretty simple tool to use…just plug in a set of URLs and this tool will look for any blogrolls on the pages you’ve entered.  Here’s how you use it…

Paste in a set of blog URLs that are related to the category you’re focused on:

Blogroll list building tool - enter blog URLs

Click “Go” and the tool will populate a table to the right:

blogroll outreach list tool - results

You can also save it to a CSV file by clicking the link below the table…one thing to keep in mind is that the link is visible while the list is still getting built, so make sure that the full list has been generated before clicking the link.

I’ll write a follow-on post that walks through how I’ve been using this tool to help me find the most influential blogs when I’m researching a community that I’m not yet familiar with.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

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