New Free Link Building Tools!

We’re happy to announce the release of a collection of free link building tools.  Over the last three years, we’ve built a number of tools that we use internally, some to help with customer implementations and some as prototypes for tools we’ve added to the product.  It’s great that these tools have helped our customers, but we haven’t been happy that they’re mostly only available to us.  So, we’re cleaning them up and rolling them out to everyone.  The first four of these are available today and we’ll continue to clean up tools and add them to the collection at a pretty steady pace.

Here’s a quick summary of the first tools we’re rolling out:

Email Research Tool

Last week we announced the release of an email research tool for BuzzStream subscribers that’s designed to reduce the time spent researching email addresses. You just select a list of contacts and BuzzStream automatically conducts 23 different searches for each contact.  The free tool for researching email addresses works in a similar way (although only for one contact at a time). For a closer look at both tools, check out this video.

Oh yeah, one thing before you watch the video…sorry in advance for the audio quality.  It’s bad.  Real bad.  I didn’t have access to our good recording equipment, so now, there are all sorts of fun pops, clicks and ridiculously bad audio edits (all layered over the nasally voice that just drives the ladies crazy :)).

Link Building Query Generator

Enter in some information about your brand, your competition and your keywords and the link building query generator will generate Google and Bing queries to help you find influencers and link opportunities.  What’s really nice is the tool lets you save the Bing searches as an OPML file so you can easily add them to a feed reader or dashboard app (i.e., iGoogle, pageflakes, etc.).

Domain Name Extraction Tool

Great tool to use if you have a list of URLs and you want to extract the domain.  Paste the URLs into the domain name extraction tool and it kicks out a CSV file with the original URLs and the domains.

URL “Theme” Extraction Tool

The idea for this tool came from an Excel for SEOs post that Mike Pantoliano wrote.  One of the things Mike showed in the post was how you can use excel formulas to take a URL and strip out the theme section (e.g.,  turn a URL like” into “snowboarding”).  We’d already built a lot of tools for URL manipulation, so extending them to do this was easy.  Now, to extract the theme from a set of URLs, rather than writing excel formulas to extract them, just paste in the URLs and you’ll get back a CSV with the “theme” section of the URL.

One last thing.  Big thanks to Jeremy BenckenAnn Smarty and Garrett French for inspiring many of the searches in the link building query generator.  Jeremy started the design of a query generator tool for BuzzStream two years ago and many of the original queries are in the tool.  One of the first collections of queries we found was in a post Ann wrote two and a half years ago.  It was still one of our most valuable resources when putting the tool together.  Garrett has taken things to a whole new level with his link building query posts on the ontolo blog.  And if you haven’t checked out the ontolo query generator, you’re missing out.

We’re just getting started with these, so keep your eyes peeled…lots more tools on the way.


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