Product Update: Improved Import Tool, Projects Filters and Google Cache Checker

We’ve added three new features to BuzzStream that we’re really excited about…now, to be fair, none of these are the “OMG, put the Barry White CD on, cuz I got have me some of that” variety of feature.  These are the slow burns.  You know, the ones where you find yourself spending more and more time with them until one day, out of nowhere, you realize that you’re deeply and madly in love. Sigh.

Okay, it’s an overstatement, but you get the idea.  Let’s take a look…

Revamped Import Utility

We’ve completely retooled the import utility in a way that makes it SO much more usable and powerful.  The first change is that we’ve added “Auto-Update” capabilities to imports.  If you select Auto-Update, information about your contacts will be updated with new values in the import file (e.g., contact information, bios, etc.).  This is particularly useful when you need to sync internal and external lists or when you’re collecting some of your contact/link information in Excel.

BuzzStream import tool

The second change is that we’ve completely eliminated the need to use the BuzzStream import template.   Just upload your CSV file and select the fields that you want to map to.  You can even import into your custom fields.

Project Filters

For those of you who have projects enabled, we’ve added a new filter that’s available from the “All Contacts” view.  You can now select the projects filter and view all contacts in a set of projects.   So, for example, suppose you want to find all contacts that have been part of all of your campaigns for a client, just select all of projects for that client and you have your list.

BuzzStream project filtering

Google Cache Checker

For our Link Building customers, the backlink checker now looks to see if a page you’re adding is in the Google cache and tells you when it was last cached.

Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Reduced the size of the Note field on profile pages for People, Media Outlets and Link Partners
  • Fixed a bug where contact information that the Buzzmarker was highlighting would flash on the screen
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing projects and users from being deleted if there was a shared Outreach template in the account
  • Buzzmarker filters out twitter IDs if the URL is “\share”

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  • This is an interesting set of project management tools. I had never heard of buzzstream before I came to this. I will check it out and see if I might want to go to an all in one instead of all the different tools I use.