Save Your Google Reader Subscribers By Migrating to Feedly

Hey friends, I have a problem. You might have one, too.  

Google is sunsetting Google Reader, and that’s going to prevent a lot of our subscribers – good folks like you – from reading the BuzzStream blog.

I suspect you might have the same problem with your blog, so I wanted to show you how to get your subscribers onto Feedly, an awesome new RSS Reader.

What’s Feedly?

Feedly is a new RSS reader.  I anticipate it will become the dominant player in its category, due to its excellent user experience and great design.  It also offers several key advantages to web publishers – so I suggest you jump on the bandwagon and try to move your Google Reader subscribers to it, before you lose them.

(The other major option here is to attempt to move those subscribers to email.  Now this discussion is outside the scope of this post, and email is certainly a great choice, depending on your audience.)

What Do My Visitors Experience in Feedly?

Feedly creates a beautiful, customized news homepage for you, based on the stuff you like:

 feedly home page

Individual posts look like this:

individual post in feedly


Pretty great, eh?  There’s also versions for Chrome and Firefox, as well as Kindle and Android devices.

How Do I Get Them to Subscribe to Feedly?

So now, you need to get your visitors to both a) start using Feedly, and b) add your site to their account.

Fortunately, Feedly has some one-click subscribe and download buttons.  They keep these hidden in a .ZIP file, but you can find them here.

According to Feedly, the Feedly button will:

“Feedly buttons allow your readers to easily find and subscribe to your feed in their feedly.
If a user has feedly installed on his/her device, the button will open your feed directly in feedly.
If a user does not have feedly installed, he/she will land on the feedly install landing page, and upon installing, launch feedly directly to your site.”

You can choose a button image Feedly has provided, or make your own.

The buttons look (and work) like this:

Subscribe to BuzzStream through Feedly

You can create your own feedly subscribe link by linking to your feed URL appended to  So if I wanted to make that button that automatically subscribes you to BuzzStream’s feed via Feedly, I would go with a link to

How Feedly Helps Web Publishers

Feedly, in addition to giving you a great way to save your readers from the forthcoming Google Reader Apocalypse, has a number of pretty rad featuers from a publishing perspective:

Encourages Sharing across Various Networks

Feedly has pretty solid social buttons, including some those for some less common services:

social share icons in Feedly



Claim Your Hashtag and Control Your Brand Searches

You can claim your hashtag on feedly, and thus control what results appear for brand searches in the reader.  It’s easy – you just need to fill out a Google Spreadsheet – and the Feedly team does the rest.

Get Your Blog Featured

 If you fall into certain categories – like design or business – your blog can get featured by Feedly, and you can gain hundreds of new subscribers.  You can learn more here on their publisher’s page.

P.S. Don’t Forget to Subscribe to the BuzzStream Feed

Google Reader will end, and you might not be able to read this blog any more.  Make sure you get Feedly and subscribe to the BuzzStream feed here:

Subscribe to BuzzStream through Feedly


  • sid

    this is really good. may be the unique take on Feedly otherwise everybody else is giving gyaan on the same “how to” of feedly. Have pocketed your article Matt. Thanks.

  • Andres Tapia

    Hi Matt,

    I am using Feedly since a couple of months and I still have a problem that is not giving me a good feeling.

    Every time that I want to access to feedly, it asks me if I want to give it access to greader. If I dont accept it everytime then I can’t see my feeds. It seems that Feedly is not pulling them and saving them on any place and that it is just calling them every time that I grant access to the Google Reader feeds.

    I am scare that after google close the service Feedly won´t be able to get all the feeds I had on Reader.

    I googled it several times, and it seems that some people got the same issue, but noone seem to have the answer to that.

    Do you have any input to give about that problem? Thanks a lot.

    Andres Tapia

  • Hey Andres,
    Thanks for comment.
    I have no idea – I’m sure Feedly has thought of this.
    Now that I’ve connected once, I don’t see it every time, but that probably has something to do with your privacy settings.
    Maybe ask Feedly support about it? They seem like a friendly bunch.