Blogger Outreach

Made Simple.

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Influencer ResearchEliminate wasted time gathering audience metrics and prioritizing influencers

Buzzmarker: One-Click Add

Turn a website or blog post into a contact record with BuzzStream’s bookmarking tool.

Buzzmarker: Metrics Collection

The Buzzmarker automatically collects metrics to help you prioritize the opportunity.

Buzzmarker: Contact Info Research

The Buzzmarker searches for contact information on “About” pages, home pages and even whois records.

Import and Research

Import easily from other tools. Once added, BuzzStream automatically collects metrics like PageRank, unique visitors, etc.

Bulk Contact Info Research

Select multiple contacts and let BuzzStream search for contact information for them.

Social Influencer Discovery

Find influencers on twitter, blogs and other social networks and add them to your contacts easily.

Social Influencer Research

Prioritize your research efforts with BuzzStream’s influence ratings. Let BuzzStream collect detailed influencer metrics for you automatically.

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Relationship ManagementTrack your team’s outreach efforts via email and Twitter

Shared Contact Database for your Team

A single, shared database that keeps your teams contacts organized. Keep track of all your organization’s outreach activities.

Detailed Contact Profiles

Profile pages for each contact show you all the information you need for effective engagement. Profiles include contact info, site metrics, outstanding tasks, and a complete activity history (conversations, notes, etc.)

Email Integration

Automatically add emails to the right contact’s record with BuzzStream’s IMAP integration.

Track Twitter Conversations

Twitter messages sent between you and your contacts are automatically added to their contact records.

Custom Data Fields

Create a custom field to collect and track any type of information you need.

Customizable, Editable Views

Excel-like interface lets each person select the columns to show. Sort on any column and edit values inline.

Role-based Permissions

For each job function in your organization, set different access permissions to contacts, projects and product capabilities.

Email Dropbox

BCC or forward emails to BuzzStream and they’ll automatically be added to the right contact record.

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List BuildingSegment your lists and target your efforts in virtually unlimited ways

Flexible filtering

Segment contacts into lists using any filter criteria, including tags, relationship status, metrics, and communication history

Saved filters

Find yourself frequently creating lists with the same filtering criteria? Save the filter and access it with one click.

Bulk edits

Find all contacts that meet your criteria and modify them all at once – add notes, tags or tasks; change the account owner, rating, relationship stage, etc.

One-click export

Export all of your contacts and projects with one click.

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Project and Task ManagementCreate dedicated workspaces for each of your clients, products or initiatives


Create a workspace for each client, product or project you manage. Track all activities for that project.

Task Management

Add tasks to yourself or your team members to keep your project on track.


Receive email notifications when contacts are assigned to you, your tasks are due, or tasks you’ve assigned to others are due.

Team Collaboration

Use notes and notifications to collaborate with team members on your outreach activities.

Access Permissions

Restrict access to a project and its associated contacts to specific team members.

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Outreach Scale your link building without sacrificing personalized, relationship-based outreach

Simple List Creation

Filter on any information about your contacts to create a targeted list (e.g., tags, communication history, metrics, etc.)

Email Templates

Apply mail merge templates to your lists and use BuzzStream fields to conduct base-level personalization.

Built for Personalization

A single screen shows the full contact profile along with the email template, giving you all the info you need to personalize the email.

Contact management integration

All emails sent through the outreach module are automatically added to the contact records.

Response Rate Tracking

BuzzStream automatically keeps track of response rate by template, so you can send the right email to the right person.