13 Handpicked Podcasts to Rock Your Marketing Brain


Back to school season means that you’re probably bored with your long commute. With an endless loop of downtime, you’re probably stuck listening to the same radio songs on repeat. Why not exercise your brain by listening to an awesome podcast instead?

As a content consumption medium, podcasting is taking off because smart people love them. The bottom line is that you can try this same strategy at home, no matter your business model or industry. Here are 15 examples for your listening and learning pleasure.

  1. Storynomics: How to Create Content that Inspires

Publisher: The Business of Story Podcast

In this podcast from Convince & Convert, Hollywood’s “Story Doctor” Robert McKee discusses the societal and business implications of transforming a narrative into a story. You’ll learn how the human mind organizes reality and interprets the world around us. Access the podcast episode here.

  1. Your Office’s Hidden Artists and How to Work with Them

Publisher: Harvard Business Review

Kimberly Elsbach, author of the HBR article Collaborating with Creative Peers shares her best tips for collaborating with creative teammates in this podcast. Her premise is simple: creative professionals often feel stifled when incorporating input from others. Why? They feel that their identities are being threatened. This podcast will help you circumvent this challenge by empowering your partner’s artistic freedom. It’ll help you communicate more effectively with journalists and bloggers, too.

  1. Be Less Busy and More Productive

Publisher: Duct Tape Marketing

Any professional will tell you how easy it is to get buried under avalanches of information. It’s easy to fall into the trap of being busy and ‘feeling’ productive when you’re actually running in circles. This podcast from Duct Tape Marketing featuring business psychologist Tony Crabbe will help you uncover your own pressure points.

  1. Tools to Communicate with Remote Teams

Publisher: Product Hunt Radio

The Internet makes it possible for people around the world to communicate—in theory. If you’ve ever worked with teams remotely, you know how misleading the allure of Slack, video chat, and working from home can be. Processes get clunky, work environments feel lonely, and miscommunication issues tend to come up. This Product Hunt Radio podcast with entrepreneurs Ryan Hoover, Julia Grace, and Poornima Vijayashanker chat about tools that can help.

  1. Turbocharge Your Path Toward Product-Market Fit

Publisher: Lean Startup Company

It’s easier than ever to create a new, innovative product, game, app or service. But most of these projects never take off and reach their intended audience. In this Lean Startup Company podcast with social game designer and entrepreneur Amy Jo Kim, you’ll learn how game design applies to other types of product design, genre-defining products, and design hacks.

  1. How to Build a World-Class Network in Record Time

Publisher: The Tim Ferriss Show

How do you make the most out of your time at industry events? In this episode of the Tim Ferriss Show, the mastermind himself shares details for ‘how to stack the deck’ with product launches, common mistakes, and how to interact with A-listers.

  1. Preserving Creative & Financial Integrity and Promoting a Global Vision

Publisher: This Week in Startups

Successful businesses experience many twists and turns. How do you and your team members stay close to the original vision that you set out to achieve? This podcast from This Week in Startups, featuring Kickstarter founder Yancey Strickler shares his ideas on the topic.

  1. Find Your Startup’s Emotional Core

Publisher: Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner

Your daily routine can leave you with significant tunnel vision—you need a way to keep your head above the fog and pursue your most creative path forward. In this podcast from Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner, ModCloth’s Susan Koger reflects on her startup’s earliest years and challenges along the way. She explores the role of emotion in connecting her customers and teams to ModCloth’s brand.

  1. Easy SEO Strategies for Startups

Publisher: RocketShip

SEOs is one of business’s biggest gray areas—but it’s also one of the most important operations and functions. In a nutshell, search engines provide an organic way to reach your audiences with relevant content. This podcast from RocketShip provides a glimpse into HubStaff’s Dave Nevogt’s strategy.

  1. Failure Is a Friend

Publisher: Freakonomics Radio

Have you ever wanted to quit on a job, project, or client? Maybe you should stop second-guessing yourself and just do it. As this Freakonomics Radio podcast points out, failure should be more than something tolerated: it should be celebrated. Listen to learn why failure is freeing and empowering.

  1. How Publicists Work

Publisher: Stuff You Should Know

You build a successful company, and suddenly, you find yourself in the public eye. Maybe it’s time for a publicist. If you’re new to the world of PR—or even an established pro within the space—this podcast from Stuff You Should Know provides a crash course.

  1. Our Computers, Our Character

Publisher: Invisibilia, NPR

Are computers changing human character? This podcast from NPR’s Invisibilia explores an important question that every digital marketer and PR pro faces every day. Listen to this podcast to forget stronger, more personal relationships online.

  1. How to Profit from Podcasting

Publisher: EOFire

Thinking about launching your own podcast? You’re probably in the market to monetize it in some way, shape, or form. This podcast (yes, about podcasts) from Entrepreneur on Fire and marketer Brian Kane will help you explore this new area of show biz.

It’s Your Turn

What do you think about the podcasts on this list? How do they compare to your favorites? Share your thoughts, comments, and feedback in the comments section below, and be sure to nominate #14 for this list. What’s your favorite podcast episode, why, and how has it helped you in your own success?

Photo Credit: Nito/ShutterStock