8 Communities for Mastermind Digital Marketers

The best marketing strategies emerge from iteration and experimentation. But often, we’re stuck in the dark: when we’re trying something new for the first time, we can’t predict whether it’s going to work. And when something goes wrong, it’s often tough to tell why.

It goes without saying that in the marketing world, our counterparts are often our best assets for learning, brainstorming, and discovering new techniques. The challenge, however, is that smart marketers are few and far between. How do you find them?

The answer is more straightforward than you may think: instead of reaching out to people 1:1, join the online communities where they’re already hanging out. Here are 9 of the most vibrant options today.

  1. GrowthHackers.com



This community attracts advanced marketers from all over the world. Members tend to be in advanced roles, curious about experimenting with new techniques, and aggressive about solving problems. You can join this community for step-by-step tutorials, as well as access to educational resources (such as ‘ask me anything’ chats that feature Q&As with interesting growth marketers). Become a part of this community if you’re looking to challenge your limits, improve your skills, and discover new campaign ideas.

  1. Inbound.org



Run by marketing software company HubSpot, Inbound.org is a community designed for marketers to ask and answer questions, build a professional profile, and discover new career opportunities. Imagine a career fair and networking hub hybrid. Stay on top of this community to see how the world of marketing is evolving.

  1. ProductHunt



ProductHunt is a community for curating and discovering interesting products. Members can upvote what they love, network with one another, and create curated lists. This organic discussion should be a point of inspiration for marketers. You’ll see what ideas, languages, and concepts ProductHunt’s audiences find compelling. This research can help inform you own value proposition and ideas.

  1. OnlineGeniuses

Online Geniuses


This community of marketers is highly tactical. As soon as you log-in, you’ll see many different channels with interesting, ongoing conversations from thousands of members around the world. It’s a great way to network, ask questions, get feedback on something you’re testing, or try a new tactic. Get opinions from fellow smart marketers before making any investments.

  1. PR, Marketing, and Media Czars

PR, Marketing, and Media Czars


This closed Facebook group is a curated community of almost 20,000 PR leaders from around the world.  You can use this platform to ask questions, gather insights, or share details about a story that you’re writing. Use this forum to gather market intelligence. Passively read about what’s important in the PR industry.

  1. Quibb



This community is especially relevant for startup and Silicon Valley conversations. You can be anywhere in the world to join and use this platform as a hub to see what’s happening around the San Francisco area. It’s a great way to learn more about the Bay Area and explore the dynamics of the region. Quibb is members-only, so you’ll need an invitation to join.

  1. Clarity Answers

Clarity Answers


If you’re looking for an answer to a specific business problem, post a question on Clarity Answers. As soon as you start a new thread, Clarity’s algorithm will ping its network of experts. Rather than trying to research your answer, you can get a list of recommended solutions that are tailored to you. You can also join Clarity’s network of experts to answer questions that you find compelling.

  1. Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends


No matter how ‘in tune’ you are with the marketing world, it can be tough to keep track of all the trends and opportunities that are emerging. As marketing technologies continue to proliterate, the number of moving parts is increasing–as time passes, it’s getting tougher to keep track of all the tools and resources that are emerging. This Facebook group can give you a birds-eye view into the world of digital marketing, directly in your Facebook news feed. With this group, the marketing world will feel less big.

Final Thoughts

You may be the only marketer at your company (or one of few), but you aren’t alone in the challenges that you’re facing and the pain points you’re solving. It’s a small world: use digital communities to meet marketers from everywhere. Discover new ideas. Ask questions. Get feedback.