Jeremy Bencken

Jeremy Bencken co-founded BuzzStream and served as Chairman in our first few years. Before that, he co-founded, which he grew into the leading global source for ratings and reviews of apartments before selling it to Internet Brands. Currently, Jeremy runs Wordloop, a performance-based content marketing company in Austin, Texas. Jeremy also serves as an advisor to Sparefoot and inHabi, and is a mentor with Capital Factory. You can find Jeremy on Twitter or Google Plus.

Anatomy of Link Building Pitch Spam

The Bad Pitch Blog is a great place to laugh at the foibles of unwitting PR hacks who send out spammy, untargeted, impersonal pitches to journalists.  I'd love to read a blog like that for link builders.  However, I worry that spammy link pitches are too much the norm in our industry, so the blog could Read more

Social Media Monitoring on the Cheap

Problem-- you want to get buzz and backlinks for your startup or small business; you're hearing about all these sweet  social media monitoring platforms, but you don't want to pay and Google Alerts isn't social enough (it doesn't pick up Tweets, Digg, Youtube, etc).  What to do?  Try building your Read more

Listening: Why it is So Important in Social Media and 3 Easy Ways to Find the Time to Do It

This week's guest post by Kyle Flaherty who writes a blog using insight, lessons learned and horror stories from his nearly 12 years in high-tech public relations, communications and marketing. He is currently Director of Marketing and Social Media at BreakingPoint Systems and of course you can find Read more

The SEO Stack

Here's a diagram I've been using internally to explain the strategies and tactics related to SEO, broken down in three major layers: the foundation, on-page, and off-page factors, and modeled in terms of a network layer model. A network stack is a helpful way of thinking about this because it implies Read more

The Coming Merger of SEO and Public Relations

I spent 8 years doing my own SEO while growing the site I co-founded,, from absolutely nothing into one of the top apartment-hunting sites.  I eventually reached the conclusion that my best SEO strategy was PR because it just seemed to work.  Now, I think this may apply to many Read more

So You're A Blogger? No. Where Can I Learn More? Our Blog.

The Buzzstream Team, Paul our CEO, Randy our CTO, and I hit the TechCrunch party Thursday night at Pangae.  It was great to see so many friends and the number of cool ventures, many of whom are way under the radar, starting up in Austin.  Erick hit the nail on the head with regard to the investment Read more

TechCrunch50 versus DEMO by the Numbers

Image via Wikipedia Now that the launch conference Ultimate Smack Down -- TechCrunch50 v. DEMO-- is over, I figured I'd take a few minutes (now going on few hours) to look at which conference's presenting companies were more successful in generating press this week, based on a little Google News and Read more
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The Easiest Backlinks You'll Ever Get

There are lots of strategies for building backlinks to your site and let's face it, they're all hard (except for the ones that are 'banned')-- linkbait, competitor backlink mining + begging, crazy n-way reciprocal linking, paid links, content syndication, etc. But there's a little-known strategy many Read more

Techcrunch Headlines via Twitter

If you're like me, one side of you wants to obsessively check Techcrunch and/or Techmeme and the other side is too busy worrying about having your hair on fire. So occasionally something really important hits the Internets and you miss out on the chance to react (comment, blog, etc). The solution Read more

Entrepreneur Self Test: Do I Need a PR Agency?

If you've been following my PR4Priates blog for any amount of time, you know I write all about the nitty gritty of helping entrepreneurs do their own PR, so hopefully my answer is obvious-- not necessarily.  But take the test to find out. ReadWriteWeb posed a different question today: Does Good Tech Read more