Ritika Puri

Ritika Puri is a data-lover and marketer turned entrepreneur and writer. Ritika works with content marketers to build lead pipelines and has written for Forbes, The Next Web, Business Insider, and American Express OPEN Forum.

How to Reach Influencers Successfully

Let’s face it. Influencer marketing strategies are never as simple as writing about a famous person and getting him or her to tweet about you. If you’ve seen the advertising world of the Internet, you probably know that there are more intricacies at play. For one, many celebrities require five-figure Read more

How to Turn Your Headlines from Meh to Awesome

Headlines are the bane of every marketer’s existence. Think about how much you rely on them: from writing high-converting landing page copy to crafting compelling blog concepts, headlines are your lifeline. In just 60 to 100 or so characters, you can make or break the success of your marketing campaigns. As Read more

3 Mastermind Marketing Systems that Anyone Can Replicate

Spending too much money on marketing promises that aren’t delivering? Following the motions of an awesome campaign you found but realizing that it just doesn’t work for you? Almost every marketer has experienced what feels like ‘the mid afternoon slump’ in that we engorge ourselves on empty Read more

5 Advanced Tips for Cold Pitching Busy Strangers

Ever get frustrated with all the e-mail that you receive every day? Imagine what a journalist, executive, or budget-holder must feel like. These audiences are notorious for not responding to unsolicited messages—as excited as they may feel about entertaining new ideas, they’re limited on time Read more

Too Many Channels, Too Little Time: Build a Social Media Strategy that’s Right for You

Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Medium, and Pinterest, many marketers are scratching their heads and wondering where to invest their time, company resources, and energy. Back in the early days of social media, the decision for where and how to build a social media strategy Read more

3 Genius Marketing Moves that Are Possible on Any Budget

Thinking about making enhancements to your marketing strategy? Struggling to find extra budget? Under pressure to improve your numbers every quarter but feel like you’re lacking the resources you need to achieve your goals? If you find yourself facing these constraints, you’re not alone: every Read more

Improve Your PR Outreach with a Messaging Audit

Publicists outnumber journalists 5:1. What that number means is that there’s a lot of competition to reach the same sets of eyeballs. And that competition directly impacts your chances of reaching the person on the other side of your computer screen. Your messaging needs to stand out, but Read more

Timeless, Priceless PR Tips to Remember in 2016

Let’s pretend that we’re taking a time machine back to 1999, just before Y2K (if you can remember that far). If you’re younger, think back to your earliest memory of the Internet. Could you imagine that the world that you’re seeing today is what your ‘every day’ was back then? To further Read more
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3 Not-So-Obvious Tips for Better Influencer Marketing (with Case Studies)

Influencer marketing is digital media’s best-kept secret. Align your storytelling with the right communities, interview interesting leaders in your industry, and take the right steps to promote your content, and you’ll see strong gains to your marketing programs. A well-formed influencer marketing Read more

5 Hacks to Stretch the Value of Your Content Budget

Ever been shocked by the sticker price of content marketing? When you’re building an arsenal of case studies, e-books, and case studies, costs can add up quickly. Take a simple blog post, for instance. You may be surprised to learn that some long-form posts take weeks to produce and may cost more than Read more