Stephanie Beadell

Stephanie Beadell manages PR & Marketing at Briggsby. She has a master's degree in market research, which she leverages to bring data-driven thinking to SEO and Digital PR.

How to Find and Analyze Your Competitors’ Campaigns

When you understand what your competitors are saying and doing, you become more confident in what makes your brand different and special. You get better at targeting and create more compelling messaging. An audit of your competitors’ marketing campaigns is a great place to start. #450823971 Read more
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How to Manage Your Professional Contacts with BuzzStream

BuzzStream is (mainly) a CRM tool for outreach teams, but it can also be used to keep track of your professional contacts. Whether you're looking to nurture leads or grow your personal brand, it's a handy tool to have on your side. Take a look: Managing Your Professional Contacts with BuzzStream Read more

Targeting Mid-Level Influencers with FollowerWonk and BuzzStream

As marketers, we often talk about building relationships with influencers. Sometimes, though, it makes more sense to connect with the people in the middle. They're usually pretty persuasive to their small followings, but they just haven't hit "major influencer" status yet. Here's a walkthrough of how Read more
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Introducing The Advanced Guide to Content Promotion

Content marketing is all the rage, but it’s getting harder. Why? Because everyone is doing it. As more and more companies produce more and more content, it gets even harder to be heard, get found, and stick out. To help marketers, agencies, and anyone who’s crafted content meant to get in front Read more

Finding and Claiming Links for Content

You can find opportunities to claim links for your content (like ebooks and infographics) similarly to how you find unlinked mentions and links to reclaim for your brand. Acquiring all the links you deserve can move the needle on search and traffic. Here are three common missed opportunities and fixes Read more

How to Measure Outreach Success Using a Meta-Analysis

How did that last outreach campaign or template perform? It’s easy to find out; just check response rates or count up all of the links you earned. But smart marketers want to dig deeper: What sort of outreach is working best for the company, overall? What are the best practices when doing content Read more

Actionable Tactics to Get Great Links with PR

Good PR tactics in the hands of SEOs can get big links from major sites with little or no budget spent. In this post, we walk through 5 PR-inspired tactics that you can start using today. Table of Contents: Get Big Links: Trace Stories to Their Source Skip the Press Releases: Post News and Data Read more

Partner Lesson: How to Use Moz Analytics with BuzzStream

Moz Pro subscribers can use BuzzStream to get even more value from both tools. Below, we'll walk through examples of how you can use BuzzStream with Moz's Research Tools to find influencers, add contacts, and create prospecting lists.  BuzzStream works with many of Moz's tools, including Followerwonk, Read more