BuzzStream’s Top 10 Posts of 2014

I originally planned to separate this year’s top posts into three categories: PR, SEO, and Content Marketing. However, after checking Google Analytics, I realized that all of our top posts are about the places where PR, SEO, and Content Marketing intersect. In case you missed any of them, or because a re-read is always nice, here they are for your reading pleasure:

1. How to Create a Winning Content Promotion Plan

Many content marketers view “promotion” as a phase that begins once content goes live. The truth is, promotion should begin much earlier than that, running parallel to production, and most of the promotion work should be completed before launch. This posts includes a framework you can use for your next content campaign.

2. How to Pitch: Outreach Tips from Journalists

For this post, Kevin Raposo interviewed journalists from publishers like The Verge, TIME, and TechCrunch to find out what makes a great pitch.

3. 17 PR Professionals Share Their Best Pitching Tip

Here, Ritika Puri asks seasoned PR Pros to share their best tips for pitching publishers. Authenticity and relationships were two key themes.

4. The 3 Ps of Great Outreach Emails: Personalized, Positioned, and Persuasive

Here at BuzzStream, we see a lot of outreach emails, both good and bad. In this post, Matt Gratt discusses the three things that great outreach emails have in common: they’re personalized, positioned, and persuasive.

5. Professional Development for Digital Marketers: How to Up Your Game in 2014

We all want to be better marketers. Here, Matt Gratt outlines how you can build your core skillset and develop new ones. He outlines key areas of SEO to focus on.

6. The Essential Guide to Link Building Outreach

As content marketing and link building become about building relationships, the ability to identify and connect with individuals, organizations and influencers relevant to your industry plays an important role in increasing the awareness and visibility of your brand. Here, Brian Jensen walks through the outreach process from research to follow-up.

7. How to Get Links on Research Pages

Links and resources pages are one of the oldest uses for the web – and an excellent link opportunity. This post covers everything you need to know about how to get links from these valuable pages.

8. Combining SEO & PR to Get Great Links

Good PR tactics in the hands of SEOs can get big links from major sites with little or no budget spent. In this post, we walk through 5 PR-inspired tactics that you can start using today.

9. Find Content Promotion Opportunities with BuzzSumo and BuzzStream

Finding great opportunities – particularly in verticals you aren’t deeply familiar with – is one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of content promotion and link building process. Enter BuzzSumo – a new tool that makes this process a little easier.

10. Competitive Link Building with Open Site Explorer and BuzzStream

Competitive link building is identifying and acquiring links to your competitors’ websites. Going after these types of links is a great way to “help level the playing field” and may have a higher success rate than other types of link requests since websites (prospects) are already linking to one or more of your competitors.

Thanks for helping making 2014 a great year! As always, we’re open to your feedback, advice, and ideas. Get in touch with us on twitter @BuzzStream or send us an email: Support at BuzzStream dot com.