Bringing Together BuzzStream and Authority Labs: Best of Breed Rank Tracking, CRM, and Link Monitoring

Given Google’s recent efforts restricting SERP data gathering by vendors who rely on the Adwords API, a number of people have asked us if we plan on adding rank tracking to BuzzStream.

The answer, in no uncertain terms, is no. We’ll continue to focus on what we do best – providing tools that enable you to build relationships and conduct link outreach at scale.

That said, we believe that rank tracking will continue to be important to SEO practitioners.  While rankings are only one metric, they’re an important one to track.  Clients expect to see rankings improvements.  And now that (not provided) has obfuscated keyword referrer data, rankings provide evidence that SEO successes are driving traffic to landing pages.

With this in mind, we’re taking steps to provide the best of all three – rank tracking, CRM, and link management – to our customers.

We’re excited to announce we’re working with Authority Labs to provide their best-of-breed  rank tracking alongside BuzzStream’s own best-of-breed link CRM and management capabilities.

Now, BuzzStream and Authority Labs can be purchased as a bundle, for 20% off the price of both tools.  Additionally, BuzzStream customers will be able to purchase Authority Labs for 25% off.  

(If you’d like to get this deal, email us at, and we’ll walk you through the steps.)

Integrating Authority Labs and BuzzStream

We’re also working with the Authority Labs team to identify ways that we can integrate Authority Labs and BuzzStream in the future – so you can see both the results and the impact of your link outreach work in one place.  You’ll have an excellent idea of what links are driving ranking improvements and what links aren’t, so you can be even more effective.

If you have any questions about how you can get started with BuzzStream, we’re happy to answer them – just send us an email at support (at) buzzstream dot com.