You Can Now Send Emails in Bulk

Personalized outreach is the most effective kind of outreach. (Though you already know that.)

But what if you’re sending a press release to a publication list? Maybe relaying a general announcement to contacts you know well? Or just plain following-up on a personalized outreach campaign you sent earlier?

Well, you now have a more efficient outreach option to help you conquer these exact hurdles and more.

Today, we’re proud to introduce the ability to send emails in bulk. With just a few clicks, you can email a list of contacts simultaneously, making it faster to send campaigns that don’t require as much personalization so you can dramatically speed up your outreach.

How to Send Emails in Bulk

To send in bulk, select the contacts you would like to email from either the Websites or People tab. Then go to Outreach, and select “Bulk Send.”

From here, choose which email to send from, and select your template. You can also set your desired send settings, like reminders, open and click tracking, and unsubscribe message, making all of your emails consistent and helping you keep track of your conversations.

Once you’re done, hit “Next: Review.”

Now you can see how your merge fields will be filled in, preview the emails one by one so you can make sure they’re exactly what you want, and send yourself a test email just to be extra, extra sure.

If any contacts need to be reviewed before you send your email, you can view them in the “Needs Review” tab.

Once you’ve corrected any errors or removed them from your list, you can select “Next: Confirm” to review your settings one more time, see how many emails you’re sending, and send away.

If the number of emails you want to send will exceed your daily send limit, you’ll see a notification. If you press send, any emails that would exceed your send limit will be automatically scheduled to send the next day instead.

For now, you can select a maximum of 200 contacts to send to when using Bulk Send. For other best practices on using Bulk Send, check out our best practices doc to see how to best utilize this new feature.

Using Bulk Send with Websites

You can use Bulk Send to reach out to multiple websites simultaneously, and easily clean up your list while you’re at it to save yourself even more time.

If your outreach template to your Websites includes a Person dynamic field, like [First Name], you’ll get a pop-up letting you know, and be able to send the email to associated People with one click. That way, you don’t need to individually select People already associated with your Websites. Their info will just be plugged into your templates automatically.

Let’s say you don’t have a Person associated with your Website. Not a problem. You can either associate an existing Person with your Website, or create a new Person before you send in bulk.

New dynamic field: [Greeting]

In addition to Bulk Send, we’re also proud to introduce a new dynamic field to make your outreach move even faster: [Greeting]

The [Greeting] field allows you to set a fallback greeting if your contact doesn’t have a value for a dynamic field in your email.

For example, you can use the [Greeting] field to say “Hi [First Name]” if you have a person’s first name in your database, or say “Hi there” if you don’t.

To use it, simply drag-and-drop it into a template, then set your primary greeting, and a secondary greeting.

The [Greeting] dynamic field can be handy when you’re sending in bulk, as Websites that don’t have an associated Person can receive the secondary greeting and not need to be removed from your list.

You can also use the [Greeting] field when doing personalized outreach in case you’re just starting to build a relationship and don’t yet have a contact’s first name.

Thank you!

We owe it big time to the small army of people who gave us feedback when we were designing Bulk Send. They majorly impacted the release, and gave us outstanding ideas to make Bulk Send more powerful and easier to use.

Special thanks go to:

  • Antoine Granjon-Rozet
  • Nik Donovic
  • Sam Radbil
  • Darren Dematas
  • Robin Scharf
  • Wayne Barker
  • Jordan Piano
  • Andrew Ousley
  • Chris Taylor
  • Dominic Celic
  • Aaron Watkins
  • Carlo Borja
  • Ian Caspar
  • Shizza Asrar
  • Andy Newhall
  • Frank Bisciotti
  • Breanna Gillespie
  • Matteo Monari
  • Tyler Knudtson
  • Antonio Coleman
  • Patricia Conrader
  • Dan Gilreath
  • Janet Gershen-Siegel
  • Dani Alderman
  • Amanda Casela
  • Josh Barnes ( and
  • Ann Aquino

You guys are the best! Seriously.

Please let us know what you think about Bulk Send – drop us an email at, leave a comment, or tweet us @BuzzStream. We read every single email, comment, and tweet, and we’d love to hear from you as we continue to improve our platform.