Outreach Now Available in the BuzzBar

The BuzzBar keeps getting better.  This week, we added Outreach capabilities to the BuzzBar. Now you can connect with bloggers and influencers, without ever leaving their site.

Outreach in Action

Enough of my carrying on – go open your BuzzStream account and see how much more effective the BuzzBar can make you. (If by some tragic oversight you do not yet have a BuzzStream account, you can sign up for one here.)

Start by selecting some contacts, and opening them in the BuzzBar.  Find a site you’d like to reach out to – maybe for a guest post, a product review, or perhaps to say thank you for a media mention – and then select ‘Outreach’ from the top of the BuzzBar:

outreach in buzzbar 1

Now the Outreach Module will appear  at the bottom of the screen.  You’ll still be able to see the site – so you can match the tone and voice of blog in your pitch, and reference recent posts or contribution guidelines.

outreach in buzzbar image 2

Click inside the text editor, and email away!  The text editor will expand – and now you can use all of your templates, email addresses, and other information from your BuzzStream account.  You can also schedule emails and send them in the future – so if that blogger is in a different time zone, you can reach them while they’re in front of their computer.

outreach 3

Please let us know what you think – drop us an email at support@buzzstream.com, leave a comment, or tweet us @BuzzStream.  Because of technical decisions made in the BuzzBar’s development, we can improve it rapidly. We read every single message, and we’d love to hear from you as we continue to make BuzzStream more powerful and easier to use.