Your Buzzmarker Can Now Make Intelligent Recommendations on Discovered Contact Information, and More

Since we created the BuzzMarker in 2014, we’ve strived to build an extension that makes it effortless to add contacts and manage relationships from anywhere on the web. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve improved the BuzzMarker by making it smarter when presenting discovered contact information, and easier to select the contact information you want to add.

Intelligent discovered contact information recommendations

We know that sorting through contact information can be time consuming, especially when not all of the options are relevant.

To help streamline your prospecting process, the BuzzMarker will now recommend discovered contact information to be added to your contact’s record based on relevance.

When you add a new contact to your database using the BuzzMarker, all discovered contact information will appear under the contact information section of the BuzzMarker as before, with one major difference.

Now, the BuzzMarker will assess the relevance of all discovered contact information, then preselect the contact information that’s relevant, leaving unselected the less relevant discovered contact information. By default, only the relevant discovered contact information will be automatically selected.


In the past, all discovered contact information would be preselected, and you’d need to look through the list and delete the contact information that wasn’t relevant.

With this update, you now have access to intelligent contact information recommendations, while still being able to pick and choose through other discovered contact information as you see fit. You’ll quickly move through a list of prospect websites knowing that the information you’re adding will be useful for your campaigns

Always have access to discovered contact information

If you’ve ever had a contact in your database for whom you wish you had different contact information, but didn’t have time to comb through their website again to see if you missed anything, we feel you. That’s why with this update, when you edit an existing contact in your BuzzMarker, all discovered contact info will be displayed for you to add to your contact’s record if you choose to.


You can find this discovered contact information below the contact information you’ve already added to your contact. This section will include any discovered contact information that was dismissed when the contact was first added, so you don’t have to worry if you deleted a discovered email address or social network by accident.

In other words, this update means you’ll always be able to access discovered contact information, at any point in your relationship with that contact. You can kiss goodbye the worry that you missed adding some discovered contact information, add what information you want when you first add your contact, and come back later to the rest of the discovered contact information if things change.

Use keyboard shortcuts in the BuzzMarker

You’re using a multitude of programs every day, and it’s frustrating when the shortcuts that are basically second nature to you don’t carry over to other apps, extensions and programs. That’s why we updated the BuzzMarker to utilize keyboard shortcuts that will make selecting and deselecting discovered contact information even easier.

The keyboard shortcuts that work in the BuzzMarker mirror what you find in a typical file system. To select a group of consecutive entries, hold the Shift button and click. If you’d like to select a group individually, use Ctrl and click for Windows, and Command ⌘ and click for Macs.

If you’d like to select all or deselect all, simply right click and select the option you’d like.


These updates mean it’s quicker, easier and more intuitive to select and deselect the discovered contact information that you’d like to add, which will save time when working through a long prospecting list.

Our team has worked hard to update the BuzzMarker, so please send us your thoughts – shoot us an email at, or tweet us @BuzzStream. We’re always looking to hear your feedback as we continue to make BuzzStream more powerful and easier to use.