BuzzStream Maintenance Release for 12/2

We’ve got a release going live tonight, and we wanted to let our customers know what they can find in it.

  • Performance improvements.  Our hamsters have been running fast to keep up with the growing usage of BuzzStream, and we’ve made a number of changes that we think will result in noticeable improvements in the time it takes to view your monitoring results, search and filter your contacts, delete monitoring searches, and even to just open and view a contact.
  • Fixed our Tweet BuzzMarker (a change in Twitter’s HTML caused it to throw an error).
  • Upgraded our Twitter DM and @reply retriever (it now does a better job ensuring we capture tweets when a user’s account is rate-limited).
  • Backlink checker provides visual notification of a link status change (i.e. from “not linking” to “linking”) and stores the information in the database for reporting (reports coming soon).
  • On our link partners detail screen, we added an icon that links directly to the external website (before you had to edit the link details to get to the actual link).
  • Fixed problem with our maintenance notice page caching for some users.
  • Fixed problem with pagination monitoring results disappearing from the screen for some users.
  • Fixed problem for users with projects turned on where after adding a media outlet, they can’t associate it with a new contact immediately.
  • Fixed application error in editing a media outlet when changing the ‘type’ field.
  • Fixed application error in project settings when the user re-adds a brand that was deleted.
  • Fixed display of mozRank in monitoring results under the “more info” link for a blog post.
  • Fixed display of PageRank after adding a new link.
  • Fixed link filter to enable filter-by payment currency.
  • Fixed application error when adding a person to a media outlet.

We’ll aim to do these posts each time we have a new release going out– which, currently, is every 2 weeks.    Since this is the first time we’ve posted a detailed update about our maintenance release, we figured you might be curious about what else we’ve been working on in the past few of months.

November — BuzzMarker extracts social networks from Ligit & Retaggr widgets.   Misc. sign-up flow changes.

October – Agency Support (projects).  CSV import enhancements.

September – Monitoring performance enhancements.

August – Social media monitoring for mainstream news, blogs, Twitter, and more; sort results by influence; create an influencer’s contact from a result; add notes; assign activities to your team; export your monitoring results (with metrics) to Excel to create detailed coverage reports.