BuzzStream Maintenance Release for 12/16

380174_7065_smYou know when you’re on a long road trip and after about 500 miles of driving 70 miles per hour, you pull off, fill your tank, and wash all the bugs off your windshield? Well today’s release was the equivalent of a major window washing for BuzzStream. So many bugs squashed. So many things we’ve wanted to fix for months are finally getting fixed. So in that spirit, here’s the full list of features and bug fixes that went out today.

  • Redesigned welcome flow.  We realized that a lot of users got lost when they signed up for their BuzzStream account, so we’ve streamlined the process.  Existing users can return to the welcome flow by clicking here:
  • Added feature to import users’ contacts from their existing spreadsheet for free.  As part of the new welcome flow, you can send us your existing contacts spreadsheet and we’ll import it for you (just visit the welcome link above).  You can also do it yourself by following these instructions for PR contacts or Website contacts.  We normally charge $199 for data import, so this is a huge benefit to customers.
  • When viewing Monitoring, you now have to choose which search you wish to view, which improves server performance.
  • Redesign of the layout of the Monitoring results page.
  • Updated some error messages to make them more useful.
  • Fix bug with Monitoring that would cause the user to wait 30+ seconds to delete a monitoring search.
  • Fixed bug in Monitoring that was causing some items to have a rating of zero or unknown.
  • Fixed bug in welcome message that caused the login link to be unusable.
  • Fixed bug in email fields that would trigger an error on very long email addresses.
  • Fixed bug in Settings on the Users tab that caused the scrollbar to disappear.
  • Fixed bug in the password reset process.
  • Fixed bug in Monitoring where search terms would not delete.
  • Fixed bug editing a Project’s Brand associations.
  • Fixed bug adding a new User to an existing account.
  • Fixed bug in viewing Monitoring results assigned to “No Folder”
  • Fixed over 50 miscellaneous Java exceptions related to a database issue.
  • Miscellaneous UI and backend server performance improvements.
  • Fixed several typos.

BuzzStream for PR & Social Media

  • More improvement to the byline identification rules in the BuzzMarker.
  • Modified Import format to not require so that Media Outlet URL is no longer required.
  • When adding a new Person contact, media outlets are now sorted by name.
  • Updated options in the Media BuzzMarker to enable users to select media outlet types: Blog, Traditional Media, Trade Publication, Forum, Shopping Guide, Other.
  • Fixed bug when viewing a Person where clicking “update metrics” would not refresh the Twitter metrics.
  • Fixed bug that occurs if you use the Media BuzzMarker to BuzzMark an article that already exists.
  • Fixed bug that occurs after you add a new Person and assign them to a Media Outlet; after you hit save, the Media Outlet doesn’t appear on the Person’s profile page until you exit and re-enter the page.
  • Fixed BuzzMarker so that it identifies more byline variations.
  • Fixed bug in adding a new Person to an existing Media Outlet where an error screen was shown when a space was included in the name.
  • Fixed bug in adding a new Person to an existing Media Outlet that already has an existing Person connected to it.

BuzzStream for Link Building

  • Improved the time it takes to open the Links tab with 10,000+ links loaded.
  • Removed the PageRank field from the add/edit Link page since it’s non-editable.
  • Modified the Link Export so that it includes the date a link was found by the Backlink Checker.
  • Fixed bug on the Link Partner details page where long names would wrap oddly.
  • Fixed bug in Backlink Checker where it found a link that doesn’t actually exist.
  • Fixed bug in the BuzzMarker when it identifies existing links on a page, the first link is deleted if the user deletes ANY link.
  • Fixed bug in the BuzzMarker when saving a Link where the payment date would somehow be saved as null and trigger an error.
  • Fixed bug in BuzzMarker to handle 503 errors and timeouts caused by 3rd party sites.
  • Fixed bug in BuzzMarker that would occur when the site name (title tags) were identical to an existing Link Partner.
  • Fixed bug with the Filter pop-up where opening a drop-down at the bottom of the list forces your view back to the top of the Filters pop-up.
  • Fixed bug deleting a Person’s association with a Media Outlet.
  • Fixed bug in saving a Link where the acquisition method gets “stuck” on Purchase, even if a different method was chosen.
  • Fixed bug in saving a Link where the message “not-null property references a null or transient value:” appears.
  • Fixed bug that occurs during Link Partner import if there are existing Link Partners in the account that don’t belong to any Project.

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