Every BuzzStream Plan Now Includes Discovery

Over the past year we’ve made major improvements to BuzzStream Discovery, our product for finding and researching influencers. We’ve been fortunate enough to hear praise, feedback, and requests from customers who are using the product to build out their campaigns. We’re proud of how far BuzzStream Discovery has come since it launched, but there was one thing that really bugged us about the product…

Not all of our customers had access to it.

Initially, we decided that BuzzStream Discovery would be a distinct product from BuzzStream Outreach. However, it became clear to us that BuzzStream is much friendlier and more powerful when the products work closely together.

For that reason, we are excited to announce that we are now including BuzzStream Discovery with every BuzzStream plan.

The Specifics

When you sign up for any BuzzStream plan, you will now get Discovery. If you sign up for a Group, Professional, or Custom plan, then you’ll get unlimited search results across our entire influencer database of over one million unique influencers.

If you sign up for one of our Starter plans, then you’ll have the ability to run unlimited searches and receive the top 50 results for each search.

All existing plans automatically have this additional functionality added to them, so you can start using Discovery right away!

How to Access & Use Discovery

We’ll be integrating elements of Discovery closely into the app, but for now you can access Discovery through the hamburger button at the upper left corner of your screen.


Once you’re in Discovery, you can use the same button to toggle back to your Outreach account.


From the Discovery home screen you can search for influencers using keyword searches as well as advanced queries such as:

  • Site – Find influencers who write for a specific website. Example, site:mashable.com
  • Intitle – Search content with a specific title or headline. Example, intitle:guide
  • Inbio – Search through authors with keywords in their bios. Example, inbio:content
  • Name – Find authors with a specific name. Example, name:”Paul May”
  • Twitter – Find authors related to a specific twitter handle. Example, twitter:paulmay
  • Quoted search – Quote your keywords if you want to search our database for that combination exactly. You can also apply this to our other advanced operators. Example, “link building guide”


You can also filter results by:

  • Twitter followers
  • Last activity
  • Domain authority
  • Category
  • Location


Once you’ve found a relevant influencer, you can easily add them directly to a project. We’ll discover their contact info based on the websites you associate them with so you can begin reaching out immediately.


Where We’re Headed

In the coming months, we’re going to be adding a number of deeper integrations between BuzzStream Discovery and BuzzStream Outreach. These connections will provide you with more intelligent information about prospects and contacts in your database, as well as more effective means of reaching out to influencers.

We’re really excited about offering a unified platform and are eager to hear what you think. Please give us your feedback. Our goal is to build the best possible experience for you and your team.

To check out all of the plans that now include BuzzStream Discovery, just visit our plans and pricing page. Otherwise, happy searching!


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