BuzzStream Product Update: Improvements to Backlink Discovery and Link Monitoring

BuzzStream Product Update

We have a number of new features to talk about that should make your link building efforts more efficient.  Let’s take a look.

Auto-Discovery of Links

We’ve made it easier to manage your existing backlinks in BuzzStream by automatically discovering them when you first set up your account and when you add a new project.

To auto-discover links for a new project, follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ (top right-hand corner of the app) and click on the ‘Projects’ tab
  • Click ‘Add Project’ in the top left hand corner
  • In the websites section, enter the websites you’re managing and make sure that “auto discover inbound links to these sites” is selected.

Auto-discover backlinks in BuzzStream

That’s all there is to it!

This is just the first step for us in this area…expect the following improvements in the near future:

  1. In addition to the initial discovery of links, we’ll add continuous discovery so your account always has the latest backlinks
  2. We’re using the SEOmoz Links API to discover your backlinks.  We’ll add additional sources to discover your backlinks in the near future (to fill in gaps in SEOmoz’ link index)

Improvements to Backlink Monitoring

The BuzzStream backlink checker can be setup to conduct bi-weekly checks of your links and to notify you of new links and links that have potential issues with them.  With this release, we’ve improved the email report that’s sent to you in two ways:


The email that you used to receive…

BuzzStream backlink check email - old version

now looks like this…

Revised BuzzStream backlink check email

Summary of All Links Checked

Previously the report only included a summary of change activity since the last check (i.e., new links discovered, removed links, and changed links).  We’ve added another summary section that shows you the results for all the links that were checked.


BuzzStream backlink check email - all links checked


So now you’re able to view the report as a starting point to drill into all links with potential issues or links with specific types of potential issues (e.g., all links that are pointing to the wrong page).


  • Hi with regards to the feature “Links with potential issues” If i know one of the issues that have been flagged is not an issue I can do anything about. How do I clear down the issue in order to remove that issue from future reporting?

  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the question. There’s not a way to do that right now in the product. I like the idea of having that. I’m going to reach out via email to you to get more feedback on how you’re using the backlink monitoring capabilities and how you’d like it to work.