BuzzStream Product Update: New Features to Keep your Projects Organized

We added support for projects in BuzzStream almost four years ago and almost immediately, they became one of the most popular features in the product. Adding a project in BuzzStream gives you a workspace where a designated group of people can work on a set of contacts. They’re powerful because they let you build a master database of contacts (influencers, prospects, people who have promoted you before, etc.), filter your database to build relevant contact lists and then apply them to the specific projects you’re working on. Within each project, you can keep track of your outreach efforts, you can manage your team’s workflow and you can limit access to certain team members.

While projects are popular, some of the most common feedback we get from customers is that there needs to be better ways to organize them and they need to be easier to create, edit and find. To help with this we’ve made two major changes: 1) Added project folders for organizing projects, and 2) completely redesigned the projects list dropdown.  

Project folders and project search

Until yesterday, the projects dropdown was just a list of all projects in your account. This works fine if you have a small set of projects, but if you have a large list of projects or if you want to group projects by clients, landing pages, campaign types, etc., it becomes a problem.  

To help with this, we’ve added support for project folders. Now when you click the project dropdown, you’ll see an option to create a folder:

 Create a new folder in BuzzStream

So, for example, if you’re an agency, you might create a folder for each client and include a project for each campaign within it.

Project list - organized by client

Or if you’re part of an in-house team, you might create a folder for each website or landing page that you’re working on and include individual campaigns/efforts within it. 

Projects organized by landing page in BuzzStream

We’ve also added a search bar to the projects dropdown to make it easier to find projects.

search for projects in BuzzStream

Adding and editing projects

Until this week, to add or edit a project, you needed to go to the ‘Projects’ page within Settings. To make it faster and easier, we’ve now made it possible to add, edit or delete them directly from the projects dropdown.  

These capabilities have been a long time in the making and we’ve had a lot of help from our customers. Thanks to everyone for your feedback! We hope you enjoy it!