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BuzzStream’s Top 10 Posts of 2014

I originally planned to separate this year's top posts into three categories: PR, SEO, and Content Marketing. However, after checking Google Analytics, I realized that all of our top posts are about the places where PR, SEO, and Content Marketing intersect. In case you missed any of them, or because Read more

Want to Join BuzzStream? We’re Looking for a Head of Content Marketing

A lot of people ask me how we've been able to consistently deliver such high quality content across all of our content channels for such a long period of time. The majority of the credit for this belongs to Matt Gratt. Until this spring, virtually every piece of our content was created, edited or conceived Read more

Come Meet Us at #MozCon

We’ll be hanging out at MozCon  in Seattle as a partner company this week.   We have lots of excitement planned, so please give us a shout if you’re a customer or fan of BuzzStream and happen to be there. Stop by the Pod and say Hi! We’ll have a demo pod in the  Partner hub, where we’ll Read more

BuzzStream University is Now Open

We're launching a new tutorial section of our site - BuzzStream University. BuzzStream University has step-by-step BuzzStream lessons (with detailed descriptions), best practices for link building and content promotion, and curated, quality external resources. In short, it provides one place to visit Read more

How to Improve Your Guest Post Pitches (And How to Pitch BuzzStream a Guest Post)

Ah, the guest post pitch.  For busy publishers and blog editors (like the team here at BuzzStream), guest blog pitches are a mixed blessing. We’ve had some truly awesome guest blogs from industry leaders and up-and-comers on our blog – like this one, this one, this one, and this one.  (There are Read more

Bringing Together BuzzStream and Authority Labs: Best of Breed Rank Tracking, CRM, and Link Monitoring

Given Google’s recent efforts restricting SERP data gathering by vendors who rely on the Adwords API, a number of people have asked us if we plan on adding rank tracking to BuzzStream. The answer, in no uncertain terms, is no. We’ll continue to focus on what we do best – providing tools that Read more

New Release: Twitter OAuth, Media Metrics, Advanced Tagging and Filtering

We've been busy implementing some new features that speed up BuzzStream, allow you to better manage/search your tags and show you a more in depth snapshot of your media outlets, influencers, links and link partners. Again our customers have come up with some great ideas and we listened. All told this Read more

Product Update: Quick Search Changes and Increased Performance

We've spent that last couple of weeks taking a look under the hood updating and tweaking BuzzStream. We could offer up a long, banal list of changes but it would read like this, "Updated to Twitter 42j.1 OAuth and Streaming API" or "Resolved null pointer when hiding ResultsMonitor". Yes, a bit confusing Read more

New Release: Link Performance Reports, Custom Fields, Import Templates

Our customers steer the ship at BuzzStream and that keeps the daily evolution of our product going. We add "newness" all the time and it is the our customer's feedback and ideas that drive us to make BuzzStream the best fit for you! We dropped a few nice features this time around, so let's get to Read more

New Release: Improved Filtering, Link Checking and Reporting

We always receive great feedback from our customers and the in the last couple weeks you've given us some great ideas. We love it as your ideas play a huge role in the feature additions and updates we make; so please, keep them coming. A majority of our recent updates revolve around organizing, labeling, Read more