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Finding and Claiming Links for Content

You can find opportunities to claim links for your content (like ebooks and infographics) similarly to how you find unlinked mentions and links to reclaim for your brand. Acquiring all the links you deserve can move the needle on search and traffic. Here are three common missed opportunities and fixes Read more

The Essential Guide to Effective Link Building Outreach

  As content marketing and link building become about building relationships, the ability to identify and connect with individuals, organizations and influencers relevant to your industry plays an important role in increasing the awareness and visibility of your brand. I wanted to share Read more
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How to Connect with Content Curators to Build Links, Audience, and Traffic

Getting included in round-ups and other curated posts is a very effective strategy for promoting your content and growing your traffic, permission marketing assets, and link equity.  So I was surprised when we surveyed BuzzStream customers and found that less than a third were looking for content Read more
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Link Building & Content Promotion Interview Questions

Hiring is exciting. Running a hiring process means your group is growing and you get more muscle to apply to hard problems. At the same time, hiring is frustrating and stressful. It's a high risk decision, often made after a mere 3 hours of questions and answers and some reference calls. While we Read more

Measuring the Impact of Content Promotion & Link Building

One of the biggest challenges link building and outreach professionals face is measuring the results of their work and connecting them to revenue. Today we'll look at how you can measure the impact of outreach, link building, and content promotion across multiple dimensions, including referral traffic, Read more

How to Build Your Content Promotion & Link Building Opportunity List

In a previous post, we discussed crafting a content promotion strategy.  Subsequently, one of our wonderful readers wrote in: “The part I got hung up on was the step on building the initial wishlist for placements. Could you please elaborate some more on how to arrive at this? Rather than just Read more

The Imaginary Separation Between Link Building and Content Marketing

When you blog a lot, you notice things. Sometimes they're obvious things, but sometimes they're strange things. One particularly strange thing I've noticed has been around the words 'Content [word for marketing or promotion]' and 'Link [words like building, acquisition, and/or development]'. If Read more

Competitive Link Building with Open Site Explorer and BuzzStream

Competitive link building is identifying and acquiring links to your competitors’ websites. Going after these types of links is a great way to “help level the playing field” and may have a higher success rate than other types of link requests since websites (prospects) are already linking to one Read more

How to Combine Industry Events with Videos for Link Building Results

Today's guest post comes from BuzzStream customer Tristan Pelligrino.  Tristan is the co-owner of 522 Productions and Marketing Director for 522 Digital. He enjoys writing about the intersection of video and the web and connecting with peers online.     I’ve always enjoyed attending industry Read more

How to Structure a Link Building Campaign for Maximum Impact

Structuring linking campaigns can be tough.  There's so much contrary advice on the internet - Make big content! 301 redirects! Guest post! Make friends! Promote Your Content! And the list goes on. Most of these tactics will work - up to a point, where you'll hit the point of diminishing returns. Read more