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7 Lessons available

Setting Up Your Account

Learn how to connect your email and Twitter accounts to start benefitting from BuzzStream's conversation tracking, and how to install the BuzzStream Chrome extension for easier prospect research.

2 Lessons available

Getting Started with BuzzStream

If you're new to BuzzStream, this chapter is the best place to start. You'll get an overview of the basics, and learn everything you need to jump in and get started.

5 Lessons available

Finding Contacts

Need to find new prospects to reach out to? No problem. Check out the four ways BuzzStream can help you compile a list of bloggers, authors and influencers in seconds.

3 Lessons available

Sending Outreach to Contacts

See how BuzzStream makes doing personalized outreach more efficient with email templates, dynamic fields, and our browser extension.

4 Lessons available

Managing Your Emails

Harness the power of BuzzStream's email management capabilities. Learn how to easily track opens, clicks, and responses, and see how your email dashboard can show you all of your team's email activity in once place.

6 Lessons available

Managing Your Relationships

Say goodbye to ever losing track of a conversation or relationship. With BuzzStream, you can tag your prospects for easy list-building, use relationship stages to see where your prospects are in your outreach process, and so much more.

3 Lessons available

Managing Your Links

BuzzStream makes it easy to monitor websites for backlinks and report on successful link placements. Check out this lesson to get the nitty gritty.

5 Lessons available

Measuring Your Success

Get insights into how your campaigns are performing, how your team members are performing, and how specific messages and even subject lines are performing with BuzzStream's reporting capabilities.

8 Lessons available

Account Administration

Learn how to conquer the administrative in's and out's of your BuzzStream account, including how to add users, manage your invoices, and change your BuzzStream plan.

33 Lessons available

Archived Lessons

Review archived BuzzStream University lessons if your team is still using the original BuzzStream UI
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