BuzzStream University: Account Administration

Learn how to conquer the administrative in’s and out’s of your BuzzStream account, including how to add users, manage your invoices, and change your BuzzStream plan.

Archive for the ‘Account Administration’ Category

Adding Users to Your Account
Learn how to add users in BuzzStream to get your whole team on the same page when running your outreach campaigns.
Modifying Your Plan
Learn how to modify your BuzzStream plan to make sure BuzzStream fits your changing needs.
Managing User Roles
Learn how BuzzStream helps you manage user roles to make collaboration and user management simple.
Setting up “Do Not Contact” Rules
Learn how to create Do Not Contact rules so you don’t need to worry about accidentally contacting someone you you shouldn’t.
Email Privacy Rules
Learn how to manage your email privacy rules in BuzzStream to ensure that internal or sensitive communications don’t get added to BuzzStream.
Setting Email Send Limits
Learn how to set email send limits in BuzzStream to make sure you keep in line with your email provider’s send limits.
Managing Your BuzzStream Invoices
Learn how to access and manage your BuzzStream invoices.
Adding and Editing Unsubscribe Behavior
Learn how to add or edit the ability to unsubscribe from emails.
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