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Review archived BuzzStream University lessons if your team is still using the original BuzzStream UI

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ARCHIVED How to Create A Template
Learn how to create an email outreach template to make doing outreach more efficient.
ARCHIVED Managing User Roles
Learn how BuzzStream helps you manage user roles to make collaboration and user management simple.
ARCHIVED Adding Custom Fields
Learn how to add custom fields to BuzzStream to personalize the CRM to fit your specific use cases.
ARCHIVED Assigning Contacts to Team Members
Learn how to assign contacts to users for a smooth workflow and easy task delegation among your team.
ARCHIVED How to Send Personalized Outreach
Learn how you can send highly-personalized outreach with BuzzStream, without sacrificing efficiency.
ARCHIVED How to Install the BuzzMarker in Firefox
Learn how to install the BuzzMarker in Firefox.
ARCHIVED Setting up “Do Not Contact” Rules
Learn how to create Do Not Contact rules so you don’t need to worry about accidentally contacting someone you you shouldn’t.
ARCHIVED Tracking Links
Learn how to use BuzzStream's link tracking to keep up with the linking behavior of your contacts.
ARCHIVED Adding Notes
Learn how to add notes to your contact records to give yourself the most context possible in your influencer database.
ARCHIVED How to Add Contacts Using the BuzzMarker
Learn how to use the BuzzMarker to add contacts to your database on the fly.
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