BuzzStream University: Managing Your Relationships

Say goodbye to ever losing track of a conversation or relationship. With BuzzStream, you can tag your prospects for easy list-building, use relationship stages to see where your prospects are in your outreach process, and so much more.

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How to Use Tags to Organize Your BuzzStream Database
Learn how to tag contacts to organize and leverage your BuzzStream database.
How to Track Conversations and Relationships in BuzzStream
Learn how BuzzStream gives you all the tools to stay on top of conversations and relationships with contacts.
How to Set Up Custom Fields
Learn how to create custom fields to track specific info about a contact.
Create and Manage Tasks
Learn how to create and manage tasks so you and your team can always stay on track.
How to Assign Contacts to Your Team Members
Learn how to assign contacts to team members so they can manage the relationship.
How to Add Notes to Contacts
Learn how to use notes to highlight important details about contacts.
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