In this lesson, you’ll learn how BuzzStream makes it easy to track and act on email activity using your Dashboard.

To see an overview of all recent activity in your account, click on the Dashboard tab.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 4.33.57 PM

From here, you’ll see all emails you and your team have sent and received. You can filter your dashboard by type of communication. You can further filter your emails by those scheduled to be sent, those that have failed to send, replies you’ve received, emails you’ve sent, and emails that are due for follow-up.

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You can also filter your communication activity by project, and by user.

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Your dashboard isn’t just for information gathering; it’s actionable, too. If an email failed to send, you can resend it right from your dashboard. If there’s an email you haven’t responded to, you can respond to it right then and there as well.

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You can also manage your tasks from your dashboard using the right hand menu. You can create tasks, mark them as done, and filter them as needed.

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