New: Major Improvements to BuzzStream’s Outreach Capabilities

Of all the features we’ve added to BuzzStream, none have been adopted by our customers as fast as the Outreach module. To make it even more valuable, we’ve added a number of major improvements to it over the past few weeks. 

Send It Later

If you’re sending emails late at night (burning the midnight SEOil), often your emails will reach people’s inboxes after they’re asleep, and they won’t get read.  The same thing happens if you’re conducting outreach from another time zone – either way, your timing is bad and your email is deleted.

 send later in buzzstream


Enter Send It Later. Send It Later allows you to schedule your outreach emails.

When you know your prospect is in another timezone, you can adjust the timing of your emails so your prospect receives it during their workday. If you’re working on the weekend, you can send your emails days later.  And if your prospect is on vacation or you’re doing work over a holiday, you can send your emails weeks later, or at a specific time.

Template Performance Measurement

You can improve your outreach success rate by A/B testing your message.  You can A/B test different factors – like in-house email versus agency email, different message lengths, different subject lines, and different pitch angles – all in the pursuit of the most effective outreach email.

Previously this tactic was incredibly valuable but difficult to implement – there was a lot of record keeping involved, and it could be difficult to keep these records across a large team of outreach specialists.

 a/b testing template performance



With BuzzStream’s new Template Response Rate functionality, this valuable information is automatically recorded.

Now your entire team can add data to your repository of best practices, while always using the most effective messages.


Latest RSS Feeds in Outreach

When you’re reaching out to a blogger or editor, you should always read their last few posts.

To make this even easier, we’ve included your prospect’s RSS feed in the Outreach module:

rss in outreach v2

Now you can review a blogger’s last 10 posts before you reach out to them, without leaving the Outreach module. 

HTML Emails

When you’re reaching out to influencers, you want your emails to stick out.  You can use color, formatting, and other elements to improve your emails’ scannability.

html email screenshot


BuzzStream now supports HTML emails, featuring a WYISWYG editor within the Outreach Module. Now you can make your emails bold, colorful, and easy to scan.


Sometimes you’ll have an asset that you want to promote that’s a downloadable file– like an infographic or an ebook.  To make this sort of linkable asset promotion faster and easier, you can now attach files to templates. 

All of these features are currently live in BuzzStream.  If you haven’t been using them yet, go ahead and take them for a test drive – and let us know if you have any trouble.