How PACIFIC Uses BuzzStream to Synchronize & Magnify Their Outreach Efforts

Pacific-Logo-RGBOur mission at PACIFIC is to help our clients get discovered by their perfect customers. This process encompasses all touch points across the customer purchase life cycle. These include optimizing websites for search, crafting custom content, delivering innovative social campaigns, and producing highly engaging creative designs and user experiences. In essence, PACIFIC is working to help redefine how digital marketing meets customer expectations in new and better ways.

One of the strategies our team delivers is to work with influential bloggers and site owners to create custom content to help expand our clients’ influences. More often than not, it’s a fairly straightforward process. However, we quickly realized the importance of building stable relationships with industry influencers, and thus, our Content Marketing Department was created. We now provide content marketing services to clients across numerous verticals.

Early on, organizing partners seemed simple enough. With just a few influencers, our team used spreadsheets to keep track of prospective partners’ websites, social media channels, capabilities, and jot down notes regarding their qualifications or last point of contact. But this process soon became unwieldy as our team needed to manage hundreds, then thousands, of partners.

Faced with this challenge, we started searching for tools to aid in our mission to provide the highest quality content marketing services to our clients. After experimenting with other tools that left us wanting more, we were delighted to discover BuzzStream.

Encourages Internal Collaboration

One of the reasons we chose BuzzStream is its scalability. From small to large, every team can collaborate with the tool. BuzzStream allows us to sync your email with the application (from most servers including Outlook, Gmail, AOL, etc.) Plus, the tool allows us to create and store email templates that are accessible to our entire team. This comes in handy when multiple members of your staff are reaching out to a high volume of partners on the daily. For instance, we have different templates in place for different stages of the outreach process, be they for DIY or travel bloggers, which makes it easier for us to collaborate and get work done.

Aids with Organization

The main problem we had prior to BuzzStream was losing information in complex and confusing spread sheets. Frankly, this method proved to be frustrating and inefficient. The Buzzmarker plugin helps our team easily flag sites they’re considering. So we’re never searching through frustrating spreadsheets for critical information.

With BuzzStream we find the info we need at a moment’s notice. But BuzzStream can also be used as a task management tool. Account administrators can provide different levels of access to team members. The administrator can also assign tasks to various team members, which allows for clarity and consistency in managing our projects.

Keeps Prospecting Practical

At PACIFIC keeping track of our partner contacts is critical. BuzzStream helps each team member view the last point of contact. This makes it easy for our team to pick up the conversation even weeks or months later.

BuzzStream also lets us create custom “relationship stages” for each of our contacts. Some of our most recently used relationship stages include “Under Client Review,” “Active Partner,” “Attempting to Reach,” and “Work with Again.” This ensures consistency across communication and makes the prospecting process run like clockwork. This is especially helpful when new team members join a project, as they can pick up where the conversation left off.

After using several other tools, our agency confidently decided to stick with BuzzStream. BuzzStream is helping PACIFIC stay organized while managing thousands of partners, which in turn has helped our clients get discovered and engaged with their best customers.