Lessons in Surviving the Covid News Agenda and What it Means for the Future of Digital PR

For the past 18 months, our team’s mindset has been firmly set in “survival mode” due to the trials and tribulations that the global pandemic has brought forward. I want to open up about the learnings, sharing insight into how Aira’s digital PR team was able to pivot their link-building activity for clients on a hairpin, whilst navigating an oversaturated news agenda at the same time as being under pressure from clients around return on their investment.

The tactics that helped us get through this cover:
  • Ideation – RoR framework for validating ideas quickly (covering quality and relevance)
  • Production – Introducing format libraries (to help with efficiencies)
  • Outreach – What to do when you go to launch a campaign but a news story emerges and you have to pause on the morning of the launch

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