How to Use BuzzStream with FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk is a twitter search tool – it’s one part search engine, one part competitive analysis tool, and one part monitoring system. It’s now part of the SEOmoz Pro tools. 

You can import lists of Twitter influencers from FollowerWonk and use BuzzStream to build relationships with them. In addition to Twitter followings (some of them large and influential), many of these influencers also have websites. While streamlining the outreach process, BuzzStream can help you find which influencers have authoritative websites, worthy of link outreach.

Let’s say I’m starting a taco truck in Austin, and I want to begin by following and building relationships with some taco enthusiasts. (The taco truck market in Austin is highly competitive, and new entrants need every advantage.)

Step 1: Search for Influencers in FollowerWonk

In this case, I’m looking for influential twitter users that like tacos in Austin, so I’ll search for ‘tacos’ with the location set to ‘Austin’. 


As it turns out, lots of people in Austin are enthusiastic about tacos – FollowerWonk returns 124 results.  (Some are taco shops, but most are people.)

Step 2: Export a .CSV and Upload it to BuzzStream

 So I’ll export my soon-to-be friends into a .CSV, and prepare to upload it to BuzzStream.

Now, I’ll import it into BuzzStream.  This time, I’ll go to the People tab, select import, and import my .csv.

Now I need to match my FollowerWonk export fields with BuzzStream import fields.  In this case, I’m going to set it up like this:

FollowerWonk Field

BuzzStream Field

Screen Name


Full Name

Person Name First Name Last Name




Person About


Website Domain


(Note: These fields won’t correspond completely – there will be some cases where someone’s nickname goes where their full name should go, or their website is listed as  But this should get most of the fields correct.)

Step 3: Begin Building Relationships

In the ‘People’ tab, BuzzStream has turned my FollowerWonk import into an organized list of taco-related influencers.  I can see their site (listed in their Twitter bio), their follower counts, and any other contact information BuzzStream can discover.

As my team and I begin to develop relationships with these friendly taco lovers, I can keep a record in BuzzStream, on a contact by contact basis.

Step 4: Find Great Link Prospects

And if I’m more interested in links than social media shares (although taco trucks in Austin don’t get much search volume, ‘food trailers austin’ gets more than you’d expect at 480/month exact match), you can find which Twitter influencers’ sites are the most influential:

You can sort these sites by Toolbar PageRank, or an SEOmoz metric like Domain Authority or MozRank.  This helps me prioritize my outreach, and make sure I get the authoritative links I need.  And again, you can see the contact information BuzzStream has gathered from these sites.

Then you can begin your link building processes, promoting your linkable assets to site owners.  In this example, because I have a taco truck, I might start with free tacos 🙂


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