How to Use BuzzStream with the Competitive Link Finder from SEOmoz

(This is the third and final post in our series about how to use BuzzStream with the SEOmoz Pro tools.)

The Competitive Link Finder from SEOmoz is a really useful link building tool.  It looks through competitor link profiles, and finds sites that link to multiple competitors, but don’t like to your site.  You’re left with a targeted list of sites for engagement and outreach.

Today I’m going to show you how to use BuzzStream with the Competitive Link Finder.  The Competitive Link Finder finds great link prospects, and then I can use BuzzStream to build relationships with the sites owners, and get those sweet, sweet links.

I’ll use BuzzStream as example:

Step 1: Add Your Site and Some Competitors

Begin by adding your own site, along with some of your competitors. I’ll use BuzzStream and some other companies in the blogger outreach space.

Step 2: Get Your Results and Open Sites Where You Don’t Have Links

You’ll get a list of sites back, with a helpful checkmark if your site has a link from that domain.

I can see great sites that link to my competitors but haven’t (yet) linked to BuzzStream – like Fobes, NetworkSolutions, theNextWeb, ProBlogger, GrowMap, and more. 

You can look at the sites’ links to your competitors by clicking on the ‘# Linking Pages’ field:

Step 3: Visit the Pages and Evaluate the Opportunity

Now, you can visit the pages where your competitors have links and understand the opportunity.  Are the links from guest posts? Resource roundups? Product reviews?

For example, I see another blogger outreach tool featured in a resource roundup guest post on ProBlogger.  I know Darren Rowse publishes ProBlogger, and I can probably engage with him through Twitter and comments and write a guest post for ProBlogger.

Step 4: BuzzMark the Site

Now that I’ve found an appropriate site, I’ll add it to my BuzzStream account with the BuzzMarker.  (The BuzzMarker is BuzzStream’s bookmarklet that adds sites to your database in one click, while researching their metrics.)

Step 5: Engage, Build a Relationship, and Pitch

Now that you’ve added a site to BuzzStream, you can begin engaging and building a relationship prior to your pitch.  (And of course, you can keep a record of these activities in the contact record in BuzzStream.)

Thanks for Reading – and if you have any questions or tips about how to use BuzzStream with the SEOmoz Pro tools, please leave them in the comments.


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