Introducing Linking Outside the Box, the Free Guide to Creative Link Building

Link building is hard. Creativity, combined with hard work, are the key to success.

And while we can’t help you with the hard work part (that’s on you), we can help you be more creative.

Linking Outside the Box: the Free Guide to Creative Link Building

Linking Outside the Box - Free Link Building Guide from BuzzStream


 Today we’re announcing our newest (and first) free guide: Linking Outside the Box, your guide to creative link building in 2014 and beyond.

Linking Outside the Box (or LOTB, as it’s known colloquially) is a 66-page guide to creative link building.  It will help you think differently about link building, get better results from the tactics you already use, and learn new techniques that you may not have employed yet.

We also were lucky enough to talk some great link marketers to contribute to the book, including:

I also wrote a piece or two, along with Ken McGaffin, who helped us put the book together.

So What Does the Book Cover?

Here’s a quick look at what’s inside:

  • The 4-Step Process at the Heart of Link Building
  • Creativity: the Link Building Secret Sauce
  • How a Parternship Led to a Viral Video with a Million Views by Greg Ciotti
  • Build Content Like BuzzFeed: Target Micro-Segments and Tap Into Sharing Emotions by Matt Gratt
  • Making Infographics Fail-Proof by Paddy Moogan
  • High Quality, Creative Guest Blogging by Ann Smarty
  • Link Bait: Attracting All 3 Parts of the Brain by Lyndon Antcliff
  • Building Links and Brands with Product Reviews and Giveaways by Alisa Scharf
  • Spinning Your Online PR Plan into Action by Lisa Buyer
  • Great Resources to Keep You Fresh and Well-Linked
  • And even more to help you Link Different

How Much Does It Cost?

We’re happy to tell you that it’s free.  

Where Can I Download It?

 You can, in fact, go over to the Linking Outside the Box page and download it right now. 

If you have any feedback on the book – maybe you love it, perhaps you hate it, most likely you found a typo – feel free to send it to me at matt (at) buzzstream dot com.