Introducing Sequences: Intelligent Follow-Ups for Increased Links & Buzz

Successful outreach is all about reaching the right people. Sometimes you need to follow-up. Sometimes more than once…

But following up on so many campaigns, all requiring different templates and tactics, can be a huge drain on your time and mental energy.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce the ability to schedule automatic follow-up emails and automatic follow-up email reminders using our new Sequences feature!

What is a Sequence?

Sequences are pre-configured workflows that automate steps in the outreach process, helping you stay focused on the right outreach activities.

Each step in a sequence consists of a trigger, and an action you’d like BuzzStream to take. So, for example, you can create a sequence that says “If the recipient doesn’t reply in 3 days, automatically send a followup email” or “If the recipient doesn’t open the email within 5 days, remind me to followup with this message.”

In other words, with Sequences, you can schedule automated follow-up emails or email reminders, saving you time and keeping your outreach organized and humming long.

Right now, Sequences is only available in the outreach module. But worry not! Sequences for the BuzzBar and BuzzMarker are on the horizon.

How to use Sequences to scale your outreach

Creating a sequence is simple. First, go to Outreach, then Manage Outreach.

From here, hit Create a Sequence.

Now you’ll create your email (or leverage an existing template), add your follow-ups, set the rules, and you’re ready to start sending outreach with Sequences!

You can use sequences with both individual send and bulk send. That means you can send hyper-personalized outreach one by one, knowing follow-ups will happen automatically, or you can send a press release in bulk, knowing that list will be automatically followed-up with as well.

Elli Bishop, Director of Digital PR and Outreach at Clearlink has been experimenting with an early release version of sequences and was kind enough to share her team’s results:

“I’ve told my team from day one that they should follow up on every single unanswered email they send.  With average response rates of around 20% per 100 emails, that’s a lot of follow-ups!

Sequences allow them to prepare and schedule thoughtful follow-ups with every initial email sent. It also helps them stay more organized when conducting outreach and we’ve noticed that when used consistently, the scheduled follow-up messages get a higher response rate than the initial email in almost all cases!”

Carlo Borja, Marketing Specialist at Time Doctor, also tried the early release version of Sequences and had this to say:

“Sequences has cut down our time spent on outreach by more than 50%! We don’t have to think about manually sending follow up emails to contacts anymore. That leaves us time to focus on more important elements of outreach, like personalization — which we do a lot of in our initial emails.”

If you’re ready to get started using Sequences, check out the video at the top of the page, or our how-to guide here.

Thank you!

We owe it big time to the amazing folks who gave us feedback when we were designing Sequences. They majorly impacted the release, and gave us outstanding ideas to make Sequences more powerful and easier to use.

Special thanks go to:

Natan at Quitday
Elijah Masek Kelly
Frank Bisciotti and Breanna Gillespie (Turn5)
Ross Tavendale (Type A Media)
Crystal Hoshaw (Healthline)
Jonathan Callahan (ROI Revolution)
Josh Barnes ( and

You guys are the best!

Please let us know what you think about Sequences – drop us an email at, leave a comment, or tweet us @BuzzStream. We read every single email, comment, and tweet, and we’d love to hear from you as we continue to make BuzzStream better.