Introducing the BuzzBar: Qualify Link Prospects at Warp Speed

Qualifying link prospects is arduous. Looking through thousands of pages, finding the right opportunities is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

At BuzzStream, we want to streamline link building and take care of the repetitive parts, so you can focus on marketing and building relationships, not building spreadsheets and working on mind-numbing details.

Today we’re introducing the BuzzBar – the new tool that makes link qualification fast, easy, and maybe even fun.

buzzbar welcome screen

With the BuzzBar, you can flip through link prospects, and mark them as qualified or disqualified.  Now qualifying link prospects is fast and easy – like finding cool stuff on StumbleUpon.

Check it out in action:


You can view all of the pages BuzzStream has found on that site – so you can, for example, view all of the guest posts on a prospect site to make sure they’re high quality. 

all prospecting results

Additionally, you can view important authority metrics, like PageRank, Domain Authority, number of linking root domains, and more in the ‘Metrics’ tab, so you can get the high authority links you need to rank.

metrics for post

You can use the BuzzBar in your account if you open a prospecting profile, select some prospects, and click “Browse Using BuzzBar” from the ‘Research’ dropdown.

how to browse using the buzzbar

In the future, we’ll be adding more functionality to the BuzzBar, making it easy to qualify sites, stay organized, and conduct outreach without leaving your prospect site.

Please let us know what you think – drop us an email at, or tweet us @BuzzStream.  We read every single message, and we’d love to hear from you as we continue to make BuzzStream more powerful and easier to use.



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