What You’ll Learn Today

This lesson will show you how you can add websites and influencers to your BuzzStream database using the BuzzMarker, BuzzStream’s Chrome Extension, while browsing the web. You’ll also learn how to send outreach from the BuzzMarker while you’re viewing a contact’s site, and how to review and qualify a group of websites using the BuzzMarker’s prospecting tool.

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What is the BuzzMarker?

The BuzzMarker is a Chrome extension that allows you to add contacts to your influencer database, access blogger contact information, and read past conversations you’ve had with them, from anywhere on then web.

Here’s a brief video overview of how the BuzzMarker makes it easy to maintain and leverage your database of influencers without needing to navigate back to the BuzzStream app:

If you haven’t already, you can download the BuzzMarker for Chrome from your BuzzStream account or the Chrome Web Store.

Adding websites and influencers to your database

When you’re browsing the web and come across a new website or influencer to add to your account, hit the BuzzMarker icon in your Chrome Extensions toolbar, and the BuzzMarker will open up on the right side of your page.

The BuzzMarker will create a new contact record, fill in the website’s name, and display the contact information it discovered while scraping the site.


As of our November 2016 update, the BuzzMarker will preselect only the most relevant discovered contact info to be added to the contact’s record. The other discovered contact information will be displayed underneath the more relevant info, and you can review them and add them on a one-off basis as you see fit.

Once you’ve looked through the discovered contact information, you can add any descriptions or tags that will help your organize your database and find this site later. For example, if this is a site you want to reach out to for a product review, you may want to add the tag “review.” You could also tag it by niche or genre.


If you would like to add a specific blogger from this website to your database, you can also do that near the bottom of the BuzzMarker. For example, if you were browsing Treehugger.com and decided you wanted to add their author, Katherine Martinko, to your database, you can simply navigate to her author page and add in the details you find.


As you navigate around the website, the BuzzMarker will be sure to keep your place, so any information you enter while on one page won’t disappear when you navigate to another page.

Once you’ve updated all of the information, assign the contact to you or someone else on your team, then save it to your account. Now, when you navigate back to your account, this contact will be in your database.

How to leverage the BuzzMarker with contacts already in your database

If you come across a website you know you have a relationship with, and want to check on how things have been progressing, you don’t have to navigate back to the app, find them in your database, and search your inbox for old email chains.

Instead, you can click on the BuzzMarker to see your past conversations and whether they’ve linked to you, as well as their contact information. You’ll also be able to see what Project they’re associated with, who on your team has been in contact with them, and make edits to the contact record.

Here’s a recap of how you can add and view contacts with BuzzMarker:

Building relationships via email outreach

When you want to build relationships with influencers, you can use the BuzzMarker to send them email while still looking at their website. Just click the BuzzMarker icon, then click the mail icon on the left side of the contact photo to open the compose window.

You can compose outreach emails from your BuzzMarker.

From the compose window, you can draft an email from scratch or select one of your templates. If you choose a template, you can customize it before sending to make sure it’s as personalized and targeted as possible. To make personalizing your outreach email easier, be sure to click on the BuzzMarker’s history tab to view emails and tweets you’ve exchanged with the influencer, plus any notes you’ve added.

View your past conversations while composing your outreach email using the BuzzMarker.

Once you hit send, BuzzStream will automatically add the email to the contact history, along with the replies you receive. That way, all of you and your team’s conversations (and who you had them with) are tracked in one place.

For an overview of how outreach works in the BuzzMarker, check out the video below.

Working Efficiently to Add People and Websites to Your Database

If you come across a list of websites or people you’d like to review and qualify, the BuzzMarker makes it easy to do your research, add your contacts to your database, then move on to the next website or person in the list. Whether you’re looking at a search engine results page, a BuzzSumo list, or a backlink report, the BuzzMarker prospecting capabilities helps you save time by keeping everything in one window.

To use the BuzzMarker to work through a list, right click on the page and choose “Create a Prospecting List.”

BuzzStream will then scrape all the links on the page and organize them on the right side of your screen. If you know that some of the contacts or websites in your list are ones already in your account, you can filter this list so it only includes new contacts that aren’t already in your BuzzStream account.

When you’re ready to begin, hit “Start Prospecting” and BuzzStream will open in a new tab. You’ll notice navigation in the bottom center of your screen that takes you from site to site and the BuzzMarker on the right. From here, you can add new sites to your BuzzStream account, send email pitches to current contacts, and skip over the people and websites that aren’t a good fit.

You can do it all from a single tab, working quickly and efficiently. Here’s a basic walkthrough of how it works:



For more lessons on how to use BuzzStream, visit BuzzStream University. You can download the BuzzMarker from your BuzzStream account or the Chrome Store.