Making BuzzStream More Efficient: New Usability Improvements

At BuzzStream, we aspire to make your content promotion as efficient as possible, so you can create relationships, not spreadsheets.

We’re investing heavily in improving the speed and usability of BuzzStream.  This week, we released improvements to features throughout the app, making it faster and easier to use.  

We’ve added:

Discovered Contact Information in the Contact Record

When you add contacts to your BuzzStream account, BuzzStream automatically looks for contact information like email addresses and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.  

Now, discovered contact information is available directly in the contact record, next to your history with the contact and their recent content.

image 1 v 1 resized

Now Discovered Contact Information is Available from the Contact Record.

Additionally, you can now easily approve or remove multiple pieces of contact information:

Now You Can Approve Multiple Discovered Contacts with One Click

RSS Feeds in Contact Records

Previously, RSS feeds were available in the Outreach module, but weren’t visible in the contact record.  Now the RSS feeds are in a tab in the contact record, so you can keep up with your contact’s writing without leaving BuzzStream. 

RSS Feeds are Now in the Website Contact Record

Expandable Communication History & Links

We’ve improved the presentation and experience of the relationships history and the contact record.  

Previously, you could see communications like emails or the details of a link by hovering on it.  This made it hard to scan the rest of the contact record while looking at individual communications – so while you could see one email, it was hard to see the total relationship.

We’ve fixed this by creating a Gmail-like interface that expands to show you all of the information about emails, links, and tweets.  You can also create followup tasks from the expanded communications.  

improved contact record in buzzstream

New, Redesigned Website Contact Record in BuzzStream

To expand a history item, simply click on it:

Expanded Email in a Contact Record

Please let us know what you think – feel free to drop us an email at or tweet us @BuzzStream.  We read every single message we get, and we’d love to hear from you as we continue to improve BuzzStream.