Manage Your Link Profile with BuzzStream & LinkRisk

Today we’re excited to announce LinkRisk, the leader in backlink auditing and risk analysis, is now integrated with BuzzStream.  Now you can move data from your LinkRisk account to BuzzStream with the touch of a button, so it’s even easier to keep your link profile in tip top shape.

If you’re involved in link removal and link profile management projects, this is an integration you should definitely check out.

What’s LinkRisk?

Link Risk helps search marketers assess and manage their link profile risk. The product provides a score of risk based on links, as well as providing some workflow for auditing, investigation, and removal.

As Link Risk CEO Paul Madden explains, “ The LinkRisk score is calculated using a complex algorithm. The score itself runs from 1-1000 with 1 being good and 1000 being very bad. Every link starts at a LinkRisk score of 500 and each of the signals we detect when we analyse the link will nudge that score up or down from its starting base of 500.”

Send Links to BuzzStream from LinkRisk

You can use LinkRisk’s algorithm and BuzzStream’s outreach and collaboration capabilities to both remove your poor links, along with identifying the competition’s best links and adding those sites to your list.

To send your LinkRisk data to your BuzzStream account, log into your Link Risk account, select a website’s link profile, and choose “Profile Control Panel”.

linkrisk image 1


Then, you can export data into your BuzzStream account through the ‘Export’ button. You might choose to look at your riskiest links, or alternatively, your competition’s least risky links.

linkrisk image 2

Then you can use BuzzStream’s outreach and workflow capabilities to remove bad links and try to get the best links from your competitors.

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