How to Manage Your Professional Contacts with BuzzStream

BuzzStream is (mainly) a CRM tool for outreach teams, but it can also be used to keep track of your professional contacts. Whether you’re looking to nurture leads or grow your personal brand, it’s a handy tool to have on your side. Take a look:

Here are just a few of the things that BuzzStream can help you do:

  • Keep track of names, faces, bios, and contact information
  • Send emails and set follow-up reminders
  • Filter contacts by location to see who’s located where
  • Highlight content and people from websites in your account

Using the BuzzMarker

The BuzzMarker Chrome Extension brings your BuzzStream account with you, everywhere you go on the web. Use it when you’re looking at websites or social profiles for a refresher on bios, history, and contact information. You can also edit contact details and take notes from the BuzzMarker.



BuzzStream’s Contact Highlighter

The BuzzMarker includes a tool that highlights people and content from websites in your BuzzStream account. You can use it almost anywhere — looking at a list of speakers on a conference agenda, viewing a long list of posts on a social network, using tools like FollowerWonk or BuzzSumo, or checking out search results. It can serve as a nice reminder of who you already know and who you need to meet. When you’re struggling with what to share on Twitter, it can help you quickly find posts from the people you’re trying to build relationships with.

Contact highlighter


Customizing Your Account

You can customize BuzzStream to include the fields you care about. You can create custom tags to track the industries your contacts are in. You can add a drop down menu to track the quality of the contact or your relationship stage. You can take note of the conferences where you’ve run into your contacts. The sky’s the limit on what you can track.

Custom Fields


So, though BuzzStream is primarily a CRM for outreach teams, it can be a nifty tool for agencies and people looking to advance their career. If you have your own BuzzStream hacks or tips, we’d love to hear about them. Share in the comments below or tweet them to @buzzstream.