Measuring Inbound Marketing

I just spoke to the Austin Web Analytics Wednesday on the topic of PR, Social Media, and SEO measurement. Great group with really thoughtful questions and good conversations. I discussed my view of Inbound Marketing as a funnel: Listening > Engagement > Relationship > Coverage > Links > Search Rankings > Traffic > Leads > Sales. Would love to hear feedback. What did I miss?


  • Mike Torticill

    Interesting presentation – while i conceptually get the width of breadth of the broadcast audience a large gap still needs to bridged: 50k impressions, 30k views, for only 300 web hits.

    one gets markedly better read rates via traditional email marketing campaigns for much less work and less mental exercise.

  • Nice slides here guys. I know I use that last part of your funnel daily. In fact, rarely does an hour go by when I don’t say “rankings, traffic, leads”. That’s our mantra as a lead generation firm that leverages SEO for our clients at Ephricon. Looking forward to more good stuff

  • admin

    Good eyes, Mike! 🙂

    Actually to clarify those numbers– 50k/37k Twitter impressions were from all Twitter mentions (on that particular day we had 5 stories in various blogs) plus Tweets from our existing beta users that caused a surge in Tweets (our topic was trending briefly). The 300 visitors were just from Mashable and for only part of the day (the number went up quite a bit later once Google Analytics got all the data in). That said, it would have been much more helpful to analyze just the Tweets that mentioned the Mashable post compared to the number of visitors referred by Mashable.