How to Find and Review Link Building Opportunities with Moz’s Open Site Explorer and BuzzStream

Moz recently released a new section of Open Site Explorer to help people find link building opportunities. There are three sections:

  1. Reclaim Links – finds pages on your site that have 3XX, 4XX, and 5XX errors
  2. Unlinked Mentions – leverages Fresh Web Explorer to find other sites that have mentioned (but not linked to) your site
  3. Link Intersect – lets you plug in two competitors to find sites that are linking to both of those competitors but not you


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.05.12 AM

Moz’s redesigned Open Site Explorer.


These new features are great tools for finding opportunities. The next step of the process – reviewing sites to decide whether or not they’re a good fit – is where BuzzStream can help.

Using BuzzStream’s BuzzMarker for Chrome extension, you’ll be able to quickly jump from site to site, adding only the best opportunities to your account. BuzzStream will automatically discover contact information for you, and you can send outreach as you go.


How to Review & Qualify Link Building Opportunities

To take advantage of Moz’s new OSE features, you’ll need to have a Moz Pro account. Enter your domain, and navigate to “Link Opportunities” in the menu on the left.



In Open Site Explorer, click on “Link Opportunities” in the menu on the left.

Choose the Type of Opportunity You Want

From there, choose which type of opportunity you want to pursue. For external link building opportunities we can look at either the Unlinked Mentions or the Link Intersect tab. We’ll use the Unlinked Mentions tab today.

Moz automatically builds a Fresh Web Explorer query for you and brings in a list of sites that have mentioned your brand or website name, but have not yet linked to you.

Use BuzzStream to Create a Prospecting List

You can use these results to create a prospecting list. The prospecting list will let you review each of the websites, and add only the best ones to your BuzzStream account. To begin, right click on the results and navigate to “Create a Prospecting List.”


Right click on the results and choose “Create a prospecting list.” 

Filter the Prospecting List

BuzzStream will scrape all the results and organize them into a list. You can review the list and remove any sites you already know won’t be a good fit. You can also filter the list to only include sites that aren’t already in your account. When you’re ready, hit “Start Prospecting.”


BuzzStream organizes all the links into a list. You can filter and edit this list before you begin prospecting.

Review Opportunities and Add the Best Ones

Once you hit Start Prospecting, BuzzStream will open in a new tab and take you from site to site. You can look for the opportunities that are a fit for your brand, and add those websites to your account. BuzzStream will automatically discover contact information for you.


OSE5BuzzStream will take you from site to site, and automatically discover contact information for you.

Send Outreach to the Best Prospects

If you’re ready to start sending emails, you can add a site to your account and then hit the outreach button in the BuzzMarker. Start with a template or start from scratch, personalize your message, and hit send.


When you find a good opportunity, you can send outreach directly from the BuzzMarker.

More Resources

For more on Moz, BuzzStream, and how they work together, check out the following resources:

If you have a BuzzStream account but haven’t yet installed the Chrome extensions, you can get it hereIf you don’t yet have a BuzzStream account, you can try it for free.


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