Introducing Outreach in the BuzzMarker for Chrome

Today we’re launching the first major improvement to the BuzzMarker for Chrome.  Now BuzzStream’s outreach module is integrated into the Chrome extension, so you can take BuzzStream’s outreach capabilities with you, wherever you go on the web:

Let’s Take a Closer Look

Browse to a site you’d like to reach out to, and open the BuzzMarker for Chrome. (We’ll start with Next, click on the envelope icon to activate the outreach module in the chrome extension, and BuzzStream opens an email editor:

gif 1 for buzzmarker in outreach


You can send emails, use templates, set reminders, and schedule sending – all without ever leaving your prospect site.  You can also see your history of interactions with that influencer or journalist, simply by clicking the history tab in the BuzzMarker for Chrome.

With the BuzzMarker for Chome, you can bring your team’s knowledge of influencers and the power of BuzzStream’s outreach module with you, wherever you go on the web. And that means better pitches, more placements, and ultimately happier clients and more revenue.

The Deep Dive: Use Templates, Set Notifications, Schedule Send Times, and More

Let’s take a look at how to use some of BuzzStream’s more powerful outreach features from the Chrome extension:

Select Templates

Click on the template icon in the Compose window (the piece of paper with the T & the folded edge), and you’ll be able to chose from the outreach templates in the current project.  If you select View All Templates  from the dropdown, you’ll be able to see all of your templates and response rates in the right rail display:

gif for templates in outreach buzzmarker

Adjust Formatting

By pressing the “A” icon in the options bar, you can bring up a text editor, enabling rich formatting like changing fonts, colors, adding links, and more:


changing formatting gif for announcement post

Set Follow-Up Reminders

You can set follow-up and reply notifications by clicking on the Notifications icon (the bell) at the bottom of the compose window.  Now BuzzStream will remind you if you haven’t heard back in a certain number of days, or alert you when you receive a reply:

animated gif for notifiactions

Send at the Right Time

You can choose send times with the “Send” option, so the recipient gets your message while they’re in front of their computer:

gif for scheduling sending


Let Us Know What You Think!

Please let us know what you think – drop us an email at, leave a comment, or tweet us @BuzzStream. We read every single message, and we’d love to hear from you as we continue to make BuzzStream more powerful and easier to use.

And if you don’t already have a BuzzStream account, you can start a free trial today.


  • reid

    Very exciting new features.

    I tend to prefer to send outreach via many emails adresses – specifically, I like us to send for each client via email addresses from client’s company (i.e. – via and have not send emails out of the Buzzstream interface in the past.

    Is it possible to easily send from multiple emails in Buzzstream. Or is it ties to the # of users in the pricing plan?

  • Hey Reid,
    We support multiple email addresses being added to one seat – lots of our customers work on multiple clients and have exactly the issue you do. You can select which email account each message comes from when you send it.
    Hope that helps – we’re happy to answer any other questions if you drop an email to support (at) buzzstream dot com.