Product Update: Quick Search Changes and Increased Performance

We’ve spent that last couple of weeks taking a look under the hood updating and tweaking BuzzStream. We could offer up a long, banal list of changes but it would read like this, “Updated to Twitter 42j.1 OAuth and Streaming API” or “Resolved null pointer when hiding ResultsMonitor”. Yes, a bit confusing and no fun for anyone. That said we’ve distilled things down to two important updates.

Quick Search: Notes and Articles are now searchable.

There was a lot of information stored in those notes and articles you couldn’t query via Quick Search.  All that info is now accessible for both PR/Social Media and Link Management but you need to know a few tricks to really dig deep.

1. Notes – To specifically search the Note field preface your search with “note:” followed by your search term.

note example

2. Articles – To specifically search article headlines preface your search with “article:” followed by your search term.

article - example

Performance Update

We consistently invest time and resources making sure BuzzStream is in tip-top shape for our growing customer base. The last couple weeks has seen a big uptick in this area.  Primarily we focused on improving list views. It sounds like a small change but it’s huge for customers who have a large number of contact records or users in the system. If that’s you, some noteworthy speed increases will be seen when opening up your list of contacts, changing pages, filtering  and searching on lists of contacts. Any action that requires you to manipulate your contacts in mass will happen faster, thus saving you time.

Other Small Changes

–  Added the ability to delete Tweets from contact record.

–  Our import verification emails are more clearly formatted.

–  We added a counter for contacts in pagination.

–  Fixed a bug with text searching on the Media Outlet tab. It was preventing People from being returned in search results.

–  Twitter metrics are now saving in the contact’s details.