Product Update: More Flexible Filtering and Improved Tag Management

This week, we’ve checked off two more features that many BuzzStream power users and team accounts have been clamoring for. We’ve added more flexible ways to filter your contacts and better ways to manage tags.

Tag Management

In BuzzStream, tags are one of the primary ways you classify your contacts so that you can quickly create lists. The great thing about tags is that they’re flexible and they’re super-easy to create. The not-so-great thing about them?…well, they’re flexible and they’re super-easy to create.  If you’re not careful, you can end up with multiple tags for the same category, tags that are no longer used, overly granular tags, etc. For those of you that operate in a team, things can get particularly messy, since you have to wade through the tags that you and everyone else has created.

To help with this, we’ve added a ‘Manage Tags’ page in you settings. From this page, you can control which tags are shown to you and you can delete unwanted tags.

Hiding Tags

If there are tags in your account that are relevant to others team members, but you don’t need to see them, you can now hide them from the ‘Manage Tags’ page.

When you click ‘Hide’, the tag will still be visible to other people in your BuzzStream account, but it won’t show up for you.

Deleting Tags

You’ve always been able to delete tags (by bulk editing them), but until now it was very time consuming. You had to go to ‘All Contacts’, filter on the tag you wanted to remove, select all the contacts and then click ‘Edit Tags.

Very [click]

Slow [click]

And [click]

Clicky [click]

Now you can delete the tag with one click from the ‘Manage Tags’ page.

In case you accidentally delete a tag that you need, we’ve included an Undo option.   When you delete a tag, it’s logged in the Activity History. From this record, you can undo the deletion.

If you want to edit or merge tags for a set of contacts, you can still do this by filtering on the tag and then bulk editing the tag.

Improved Filtering on Tags and Relationship Stage

We’ve also made filtering for both tags and the ‘Relationship Stage’ field more flexible. Before now, you could only use the Relationship Stage filter to build lists of contacts that were at one specific stage. So you could easily build a list of contacts that were ‘Not Started’, but you couldn’t build a list of contacts that were either ‘Not Started’ or ‘Not Yet Researched’. With this release, we’ve now enabled this. Additionally, we’ve added the ability to find all contacts where the Relationship Stage hasn’t been set for the project.

With tags, you can now conduct “negative filtering.” So if you want to find all contacts that don’t have a set of tags (for example, show me all contacts that are type “directory,” but aren’t tagged with “local”).

We hope you enjoy the new features!